Hy-Vee Aisles Online: My Top 3 Reasons to Try Curbside Pick-up


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Hy-Vee’s mission is to serve its customers by “Making lives easier, healthier, happier.

If you’ve been on social media for half a second recently, you’ve probably seen something about their latest efforts to further that mission: Their Hy-Vee Aisles Online grocery ordering service. This super easy-to-use, convenient service is available to the entire Des Moines market (and therefore, all its mamas!). I’m so excited to share with you the top three reasons that using Aisles Online has made my family’s life easier, healthier, and happier!

Reason #3: More Peace (and Coffee)

Our Hy-Vee is just a few short minutes from our house so you would think that running to the grocery store after work wouldn’t be that big of a deal, right?

Well, the thing is, our family spends a lot of time in the car.

My kiddos commute with me daily, so once they are unbuckled the last thing they want to do is get back in the car. I can’t blame them — it’s the last thing I want to do, too!Getting to Stay in the Car

Thanks to Aisles Online, everyone stays buckled in, the peace is kept, and we can head home to get dinner started drama-free. It.is.AWESOME.

Oh — and my Hy-Vee also offers curbside Caribou! So in the few minutes I’m waiting while they load, I can start sipping on my iced Northern Lite Dark Chocolate Mocha.

Reason #2: More Money (and Better Meals)

As a mom, I’ve always got lots of things on my mind.

What are we going to do this weekend? Did I make that appointment? Will this stain come out?!

Honestly, “What are we going to eat this week?” isn’t always the first thing on my mind when I’m in the grocery store.

To make matters worse, I’m an ENFP, so I’m easily distracted. As you can imagine, this results in me both purchasing extra things (one time, we accumulated four containers of cumin in one month) and forgetting other things (last time I tried regular grocery shopping, I forgot peanut butter).

I love that Aisles Online lets me create my list while I’m sitting in my kitchen. I can sit at my computer with my meal plan open and look in my fridge and pantry to see what I’ve got. I can quickly scroll through the listed options (the website includes a wide variety of brands, sizes, and options) and choose what is best for our needs.

So even with splurging on a Caribou treat, overall, our family has ended up saving money because I’m not taking multiple trips to pick up forgotten items or making impulse purchases because I’m hungry or distracted. I’ve also found that I’m more confident in trying new recipes or healthier options because I know that I’m getting all the great, fresh ingredients I need to make delicious meals for my family.

Reason #1: More Time (and More Fun!)

I think that whether you’re a work-from-home, work-at-home, or work-outside-of-the-home mama, most of us need more time.

Pushing Swings not Grocery CartsAnd I’d personally rather spend extra time pushing my kids on the swings than pushing a grocery cart (especially if it’s one of those giant car carts!).

This is my top reason for using Aisles Online.

I love that I can use the time that I save to enjoy all the great events happening around our area, to give extra snuggles, and to get more rest — another thing all mamas need — without compromising my desire to feed my family healthy, delicious meals.

I hope you’ll try the service for yourself and share it with us!


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This post was Sponsored by HyVee. All opinions expressed are my own. 



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