Hy-Vee Aisles Online Shopping: What Inquiring Moms Want to Know


hy-vee aislesNow more than ever, online grocery shopping is a gamechanger. Hy-Vee’s Aisles Online grocery ordering service is amazing for busy moms.

There is no doubt it is convenient and a huge time-saver. I’m thinking of every mom I know and how this is a ‘no-brainer’…

Baby home napping and the last thing you want to do is wake her up to run to the store? 

Been a long day already and you know the four kiddos won’t make it through a shopping trip? 

37 weeks pregnant and wishing your waddle wasn’t quite so impressive?

Winter in Iowa and you’re not up for the snowy commute with the babes today? 

Every mom is desperate for anything that gives us more time and less stress. But is it really as simple as it sounds? It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?

While there is a great FAQ page on Hy-Vee’s website, I found there were some VIP questions floating about the process that inquiring mamas wanted to know.

In an effort to answer those, I spent a morning with Cody Stoermer, Manager of Store Operations at the north Ankeny Hy-Vee. Here’s what I learned:

1) Is it really as easy as everyone says it is?

The entire process is so easy – even us technologically challenged mamas can do it! You simply create an account online and shop for the items you need. Simply search for the items you want (yes, anything in store – including diapers, toilet paper and even that bottle of wine), add to your cart, choose your store and time to pickup curbside.

Don’t want to leave the house? Choose delivery at a participating zip code and it magically appears at your doorstep.

Out of town for a work trip? Order online while you’re away and schedule the pickup when you get back!

Interested in knowing the ingredients or nutritional value of that parmesan cheese? It is all right there for you.

hyvee collage

2) Who is picking out my items, specifically my fresh produce and meat?

Each order placed online is assigned a Personal Shopper. This isn’t just any employee. This is someone dedicated to your online shopping experience — one who is knowledgeable in identifying top-quality produce and other items. One that is trained to know the weekly sales. This personal shopper reviews your order, preferences, and hand selects exactly what you want.

personally selected individuals dedicated to your order
personally selected individuals dedicated to your order

3) How can I ensure I get exactly what I want?

Prefer the greenest bananas? Want organic produce? Want your ground beef wrapped in plastic twice and then brown paper? No problem. You simply request that in the “Instructions for Your Personal Shopper” section when ordering. If there is an item that you can’t find on the website for some reason, simply list all details in the comment section and they will pick the item out and make sure to shop that item.

Once your order is hand-selected, it is placed into a specialized insulated tote and stored in a climate-controlled area of the store until it is picked up or sent for delivery. This ensures your items are 100% fresh and the highest quality Hy-Vee is renowned for. If something arrives that isn’t perfect, you simply call them and they make it right – just as they always do.

4) How do coupons, Fuel Saver and Health Market 10% off Promotions work?

All in-store promotions work the exact same way with online shopping. When you search for the item, you’ll see “SALE” and those digital coupons are automatically added to your cart. The 10% Wellness Wednesday promotion will come off the exact same way with online orders. Same thing with any of the Fuel Saver promotions. As long as the customer has linked their fuel saver card to their Aisles Online Hy-Vee account they will receive any of Hy-Vee’s special promotions exactly as they would if they shopped the items themselves in store.

(Note: Manufacture coupons that are clipped out of the paper or from other online sources must be rung up in person by the customer because Hy-Vee is required to turn in the physical coupons to these manufacture companies.)

5) How much will this cost me? Is tipping required?

In addition to what’s in your cart, the fee for this service is absolutely minimal: Grocery orders of $100 or more are FREE. Under $100 is $4.95 for delivery and $2.95 for curbside pickup.

That’s hardly worth the gas to get to the store, let alone the time and energy expending getting everyone packed up and out the door! So what about tips…

Stoermer shares, “Tipping is not necessary. We do not want customers to feel obligated to tip our drivers. However as with any personal service, if the customer feels as though we have provided exemplary service they are more than welcome to tip one of our friendly drivers or curbside shoppers.”

Hy-Vee’s Commitment to Your Family

Hy-Vee continues its 80-year commitment of integrity and trust with its customers. Their motto is to serve its customers by “Making lives easier, healthier, happier.” Cody shares,I can’t think of any other service that does that better than our Aisles Online curbside and delivery service.” I couldn’t agree more. Check it out mamas and let us know what you think!

Have you tried Hy-Vee’s Aisles Online?

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  1. Can you please cancel my account at the Independence Hy-vee. I have had at least 50 deliveries from them and now my address doesn’t show up as a address to be delivered to. I have been told if I just start over the system might like me again. I have a tablet and they are telling me I need to cancel my whole system in order to do this myself. Thanks Diana Naught

  2. Call 800 772 4098 that is given on the site and they will take care of you, probably without starting over.

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