Easy Apple Recipes for Fall


apple recipesI love fall! We always visit an apple orchard. My kids love doing all of the activities as some of the larger orchards in the area, but I love the simplicity of a farmhouse and a grove of apple trees.

Whether you are getting your apples from the local grocery store, farmer’s market, or orchard, try these quick and easy recipes with your apples!

Tips for baking with apples

  • I prefer to use Granny Smith apples or a “pie” apple whenever I’m baking. I find that I need to use less sweetener this way. 
  • I use honey and maple syrup as a sweetener when needed. I don’t typically add much into the recipes until after I’m done and can do a taste-test. 
  • Ask the staff for help! They are so knowledgeable and I love trying new breeds of apples each year! 

Fall Apples Des Moines Moms Blog

Easy Apple Recipes

[yumprint-recipe id=’1′]Fall Apples Des Moines Moms Blog

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Finally, I wanted to share a link to a recipe for Apple Cider Donuts. We LOVE the fall and getting these donuts at the orchard. I have a donut pan and love to make a batch of these for the weekend or after-school snacks!

What are your favorite apple recipes?

apple recipes


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