A Day in the Life of a Pregnant Mom: Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Photo By: Michelle Applegate
Photo By: Michelle Applegate

We have talked about some things to be considering as you prepare for your baby’s birth (namely, Taking Charge of Your Birth, Choosing Where Your Baby will be Born, Choosing Your Birth Team, and Creating a Birth Plan). Today, I am sharing some things you can do daily in your pursuit of a healthy pregnancy.

Although you are growing a baby, you are not eating for two. This is a common misconception. Women often consider pregnancy a time to eat what they want and as much as they want. I disagree. Your baby is consuming what you are consuming, and his/her taste buds are developing in utero. My encouragement is to eat a well-balanced, whole food diet. Eat often throughout the day, and strive for at least 80 grams of protein and 80 ounces of water per day.

Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Do Kegels at stop lights and stop signs, squat when you brush your teeth, pick a hallway to lunge down each time you walk it, and do some simple core stabilization exercises before bed (i.e. pelvic bridges and pelvic tilts).

Make sure you take your vitamins. When I’m pregnant, I take a prenatal vitamin, fish oil (with a higher DHA component), vitamin D, and an aronia berry tincture (which helps with circulation). I also really love taking Magnesium before bed, which helps decrease the likelihood of leg cramps and helps keep stools regulated. As always, consult a healthcare provider for specific guidelines for you.

Get your feet up at night and take Epsom salt baths when you can. This can keep swelling down and help relax your muscles for a more peaceful night of sleep.

Watch your posture. Try not to cross your legs or sit on a leg. Sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs, and sit on an exercise ball instead of a recliner or unsupported chair (this is also a great option for your desk!).

Enjoy! The time will pass quickly, and I promise, you won’t be pregnant forever. You will miss feeling those little flutters and big kicks, the thumps of hiccups, and seeing your beautiful bump in the mirror.


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