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woman hiding face behind notebook. mom confessions. Des Moines MomThat feeling when you open up about a real parenting moment you’ve experienced and you get a “same” or “me too” in response from another parent … isn’t that an awesome feeling?

They say misery loves company, but the truth is, so does joy, guilt, fear, and just about every emotion we’re capable of experiencing.

There is comfort in knowing we are not alone.

To say parenthood is hard is an understatement because words can’t really encompass what it means until you’ve actually lived it yourself. When you feel like you’ve come up short as a parent, it can be so easy to feel like you’re the only one, but I assure you, you are not.

I reached out to my community of moms and gathered confessions from real, relatable parents ranging from sad to funny to cringe-worthy, but overall very raw. I hope you will experience that relieving “me too” feeling and know you’re not alone as we navigate through this beautiful thing called parenthood.

Real Mom Confessions

  1. I have sent the kids to daycare/school sick and just hoped for the best.
  2. I look forward to eating the leftover scraps on my kid’s plate.
  3. I had a hard time bonding with my second baby.
  4. I told my 3-year-old the store doesn’t sell fruit snacks anymore.
  5. I’d rather sleep than have sex with my husband.
  6. I’m 2 years postpartum and still wear maternity work pants.
  7. I judge moms who only want to be stay-at-home moms. I think it’s sad.
  8. I lost my sh*t and hit my toddler. It left a red mark on her bottom.
  9. I clean my baby’s pacifier by putting it in my mouth first.
  10. I took the batteries out of all the noise-making toys my kid has and told her they are broken.
  11. I think I may be more dependent on my nightly wine glass habit than I want to admit.
  12. I don’t wipe down the grocery cart before I sit my kid in it.
  13. I’ve told my six-year-old he’s allergic to what I’m eating so I don’t have to share.
  14. Shower cries are the best cries.
  15. I regularly use profanity when yelling at my kids.
  16. My five-year-old has no routine and is up past 9 p.m. almost daily.
  17. Sometimes I’m deliberately slow in the laundry room just so I can get away from the chaos.
  18. My baby is 10 months old and my husband and I have only had one get away without him. I cried the whole weekend and don’t think I’ll be doing it again anytime soon.
  19. I liked being pregnant more than I like being a mom.
  20. My husband is more supportive/helpful than my friends’ husbands are and I feel guilty about it.
  21. I don’t make my kids wear masks in public.
  22. I don’t monitor my teenagers’ social media or phone usage.
  23. I got really thirsty on a walk with my 2-year-old and drank all of the juice in her sippy cup because I didn’t bring anything for myself. I figured it’d be okay since she wasn’t drinking it. Then, of course, she decided she was thirsty and threw a fit but the car was still a ways away. It was a mess.
  24. I spend more on the “organic” snacks because it makes me feel better about letting the kids eat them.
  25. Bribery, especially with food, is a regular occurrence in our household.

The bottom line is we are only human and we’re doing the best we can. The good news is that your little humans don’t need you be perfect. Hang in there and remember: You’re Not Alone!

What are your mom confessions? 

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Eva lives in WDSM with her husband, Zack, and daughter, Kate (2019). She is a prosecutor with the Polk County Attorney's Office where she handles primarily child welfare cases. Outside of work, Eva enjoys recreating Pinterest recipes that are beyond her level of expertise, trying to find the perfect skincare routine, and buying way more on Amazon than she needs to. Eva shares openly about her experiences involving Zack's deployment, her high-risk pregnancy, Kate's NICU stay, and just about anything else you might care to ask about. She's a big fan of podcasts, personality tests, the Shark VacMop, and ordering her coffee "kid temp" at Starbucks. Connect with her on Instagram @evaateresaa


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