Confessions of an Imperfect Mom


imperfect momWe’ve all seen her. I mean, really? Cheetos in her son’s lunch? And, why is her kid wearing that for school pictures?

Hello, my name is Brittney, and I am that mom.

My gas tank is always near empty, I’m a bit of a Beth Dutton, and have definitely forgotten my kids at preschool.

The funny thing is, I’ve always been that way. But, I felt like I had to change when I had kids. Luckily, I snapped out of that pretty fast and learned, if this mom thing is going to work, I need to do it my way. I need to be imperfect.

8 confessions of an imperfect mom

  1. Swearing – My kids have heard every word in the book. They know it’s not okay to swear but I know they will. It will be my fault. Therefore, I’ll be the one in the principal’s office explaining myself.
  2. Clothing – I’ve given up on my kids with the exception of weddings and funerals. I’ve even relented for church (yes, your “nice” sweatpants are fine). This definitely puts us in the minority at extended family events where everyone is at least wearing jeans.
  3. School pictures – This year, my third-grader wore a dri-fit shirt that totally washed him out. Ugh. But, he has to look at it on the wall all year so it might as well be a picture he’s proud of.
  4. Non-Christmas holidays –Easter, May Day, Valentine’s Day, and any other random holiday we’re expected to get our kids something is annoying. I remember these holidays when it’s too late and all of the “holiday” candy is completely gone. In fact, I’ve gotten so good at forgetting these holidays, I don’t even visit the special aisles anymore. I just go straight for the normal candy aisle.
  5. Food – My kids have a lot of freedom when it comes to making food choices. We eat dinner together and that’s usually normal food. But, candy isn’t hidden and popsicles are readily available.
  6. School Lunch – I hate packing lunches. There are no cute boxes or perfectly cut-up fruits. There are Lunchables and bologna sandwiches.
  7. Movies – They were watching the Jurassic Park series before they were five. The PG-13 ratings don’t apply if large animals are involved.
  8. Cute birthdays – I tried, I really did. Our oldest had a lovely first birthday. The garage was decked out with a superhero theme complete with balloon centerpieces and handmade, personalized capes for each kid who attended. I also made him the cutest pudding shark cups the first time he celebrated a birthday at school. This year, he took Airheads for his school birthday. His brother never had a chance – second-kid problems!

Advice from an imperfect mom

When those imperfections creep in, embrace them. The more you beat yourself up about the things you’re doing “wrong,” the harder you’ll be on yourself and on your kids.

Quit playing the comparison game because you can’t win it (aka: put your phone down once in a while).

Instead, choose to be happy for people who do life differently than you do. I’ve been lucky to have friends in all stages of life who keep me in check and accept my imperfections.

I benefit from their organizational skills and stellar kid birthday parties. I like to think they benefit from my ability to make an excellent Old Fashioned and learn their kids will, in fact, be okay if they have a popsicle for breakfast now and then.

There’s no right or wrong way to parent and as soon as you think you have it figured out, they throw you a curveball anyway. Instead of fretting about all those imperfections, put your energy toward something you enjoy! You’ll be a happier person and better mom when you do.

In what ways are you an imperfect mom? 


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