Pool Essentials: What to Bring to the Pool


pool essentialsMy daughter is a fish, so spending last summer at home in a kiddie pool was quite a downer. We went all out this year and got a pool pass to the two Ankeny swimming pools. The pass was DEFINITELY worth the purchase, and we have already learned some tips and tricks to a smooth pool visit. Here are our pool essentials

Set up a Base Camp

We have established a general area of the pool that our “base camp” will always be (aka, our towel). This way, I can let my 7-year-old go play about while I use the restroom or read without worry. I have seen some moms at the pool even bring these beach umbrellas or a small sunning shade.

Pack the Essentials

All you *really* need at the pool is a swimsuit. But, certain essentials definitely make the trip more enjoyable. My list of must-have items include SUNSCREEN, towels, water bottle, and a large bag to carry it all.

Pro Tips:

Our pool “Base Camp”
  • I like to bring a YETI cup full of ice and drink the cold water it slowly creates in the summer heat. You will get dehydrated so fast – so drink up!
  • We put sunscreen on before we get into the car so we don’t forget in all of the excitement once we arrive at the pool.
  • I got a SandCloud towel for myself at the pool and LOVE IT! It is a large Turkish towel, which soaks up the same amount of water as a terry cloth towel, but is lighter (and gorgeous). Plus, they have a sustainable mission.
  • Seems like a no-brainer, but bring cheap sandals you can walk around in. That cement gets so hot!

Pool Extras

Our nice-to-have items include goggles, dive toys, a book, crackers/dry snacks, a big sun hat, hair ties, and a change of dry clothes in a dry bag.

Pro Tips: 

  • At first, I froze snickers bars and brought those. No matter what, they were always a melted mess. Instead, we bring animal crackers or goldfish as a quick snack during pool breaks.
  • Check out your pool’s rules for floatation devices. Most pools allow Coast Guard approved life jackets, Personal Flotation Devices (PFD), some swimsuit attached floats, and noodles (when a parent is in arms reach of the child).
  • Dry bags are becoming more popular and cost-efficient. I got one for free for donating blood to Iowa’s LifeServe Blood Center and we use it for phones, keys, and sometimes snacks.

What are your pool essentials? 

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