Meet Lisa Jordan

Photo by: Stacy McDonald 

Hey Mamas! To say I am excited to be joining the Des Moines Mom team would be an understatement! Motherhood isn’t merely a title for me, but it is truly my passion! Before you roll your eyes, let me give you a little background of my journey so you can better understand.

I was born and raised in sunny Phoenix and received my undergraduate degree in Business Communications from Arizona State University. I was successfully climbing the corporate ladder and then in 2016, my world was turned upside down. At the ripe old age of 24, I found myself as a single mother to a newborn with special needs (my son Jude is deaf, but I’ll save that part of our story for another day!).

I quickly realized the scope of my son’s medical needs and made the choice to dedicate my life to helping him. I put my career on hold, filed for bankruptcy, and moved in with my mom. I was also on government assistance and nannying under the table between his therapy sessions and doctor appointments just to make it all work. CHALLENGING doesn’t even begin to describe this period in our lives, but the fact that I was providing him with the best possible care kept me going.

In the winter of 2017, Jude and I had the opportunity to visit some family in Des Moines for the holidays. I knew immediately this was where we were meant to be and so I set the intention that we would relocate to Iowa by the end of 2018. Not even 6 weeks later, we drove across the country ready to begin our newest adventure! Somehow the job I desired, the home, and the services my son required all seemed to come together as if by magic. Talk about a God moment! 

As the months went by, we began to settle into our new routine. From the outside looking in, it seemed as if I was kicking butt at the whole single mom thing. However, on the inside, I was completely falling apart. I felt burned out, isolated as a young single mom, and severely depressed. Eventually, my mental health spiraled out of control and I realized I needed help. In July of 2018, I made the brave choice to check myself into the hospital.

In this new chapter of healing and self-discovery, my life began to transform before my eyes. As I learned to love myself again, I attracted my soulmate, became emotionally present with my son for the first time, and discovered my purpose in addition to being a mom. I thank God every day for making me a mother because that little angel baby of mine really did save my life. 

Photo by: Cherry Chiles Photography

These days, my life is everything I ever hoped it would be and more. I’m happily married to my best friend, Kenton and we welcomed our newest addition, Jeremiah in May of 2020. When I’m not busy chasing around my wild boys, I am blessed to be able to help other mamas and call it my job! Utilizing my business background, life coaching certification, and first-hand experience as a mom, I help women create the customized systems and strategies they need to thrive in their own motherhood journey. 

I believe we all have a story worth telling and I’m so grateful that you’ve read this far to hear mine. I’m looking forward to sharing my perspective on motherhood, mindset, mental health, and all things crafting. Most of all, I’m excited to connect with all of you because motherhood really does take a village!



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