Meet Becky


Meet Becky Goerend


I am so excited to be joining the Des Moines Mom Blog Team as a contributor! I moved to the Des Moines Metro in July 2008 with my husband and our four cats. We came to the area for teaching jobs and have found a wonderful “small town feel” living in one of the fastest growing zip codes in the nation!

I grew up in Eastern Iowa moving around to a couple different small towns (Rowley, Walker, and Walford) because my dad is a pastor and he changed parishes a couple times. I graduated from Cedar Rapids Prairie High School in 2002 and followed my two older brothers in attending Wartburg College. I majored in Elementary Education and met my husband, Russ there. We got married in June  2006 and lived in Eastern Iowa for a couple years so Russ could finish his teaching degree at UNI. After that we made the move to Central Iowa so we could both find teaching jobs.

We have three boys, Henry (7), Wesley (4), and Calvin (2). We’re down to one cat, Toby, who is the most patient and tolerant cat you will ever meet. Russ and I both teach in Waukee and love living in the old part of town. We stay busy keeping up with the boys.

I’ve been a mom for seven years, and through those years I’ve come to learn a few lessons:

First, sometimes mom needs to take a time out.

Second, it is very important to make time for my husband.

Third, my house will never be clean.

And lastly, each of my children is a unique person who has different needs, interests, and desires.

For fun, I enjoy spending time with my boys, blogging at my personal blog (ByBMG), fashion, make-up, easy crafts, and vacations to Target.

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Becky grew up in Iowa and moved to Waukee in 2009 after she and her husband, Russ, settled into teaching jobs in the Metro. She and Russ have been married since June 2006 and have three boys, Henry (2010), Wesley (2013), and Calvin (2015). She teaches in Waukee and loves the small town feel that one of the fastest growing zip codes in the U.S. has to offer. For fun, Becky enjoys spending time with her boys, blogging at ByBMG, keeping up with fashion and make-up, making crafts that can be accomplished in a nap time, and “vacations” to Target.


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