Meet Angela and Amber


Meet Angela S.

The Squires Family (L to R): Amariah (5), Angela, Isabel (3), Abel (6), Elliana (3), Travis

Hi! My name is Angela, and I am thrilled to be a member of the Des Moines Moms Blog contributor team! Ever since my husband, Travis, and I made our home in Ankeny in 2007, it has been my aspiration to become an active member of this great community; so I couldn’t be more excited to be writing for this local moms blog whose aim it is to actively connect and support women throughout Greater Des Moines.

I am the mom of the four beautiful children you see pictured above. Abel, Amariah, Isabel, and Elliana make my job the best in the world. My days are busy with homeschooling and housekeeping and our evenings with athletics and church activities. Travis is a partner in the Public Finance department of an Investment Bank here in Des Moines. He is the backbone of our family and the support system that keeps this mommy strong.

Writing is a great passion of mine. I started blogging about 4 1/2 years ago at Eternal Outlook [with Angela], and it has become like an extension of who I am. You will find through my writing both there and here that I am someone who is always aspiring to be better. There are so many facets to a mother’s life that I could only dream of mastering them all; but at any given point in time, you are quite likely to find me “working” on at least one area of myself or my calling. From homemaking to relationship building, from child-rearing to mommy blogging, there is always something I can strive to do better. And what a blessing it is to be able to share the journey with you.

Meet Amber F.

After spending my entire college career pursuing a degree in secondary education, I realized a little too late that many teenagers were not quite as endearing as I had once thought. I subsequently found myself working in a cubicle for corporate America where the highlight of my day was recess, errrr I mean my lunch break. Ten years ago I would have never considered being a stay at home mom, but the instant my first son was born I never looked back to my college degree or the corporate world. I had finally entered the role for which I was created. I knew I was meant for fulltime motherhood! I am intensely passionate about motherhood, but I also try to enjoy the more light-hearted, gooey, and goofy moments of being a mom.

The Kids: Little man Miles (3) and little guy Graham (6 months). Miles is my tenderhearted, resilient, and inquisitive first born. Graham is my smiley, easy-going, yet determined baby boy.

Mommy Nickname: “Paparazzi Mommy” I’m not a talented photographer, but if one takes a few thousand shots of the same pose there is bound to be a few good images of the boys.

Mommy Chore I Would Love to Hire Out: Cooking! I would love to have a personal chef! I love eating and feeding my kids delicious and organic whole foods, I just don’t like the preparation process.

Favorite Things When Not Being “Mommy”: Shopping (by myself!!), massages, good conversations with close friends, strategy games, puzzles, decorating, and gardening!! When my husband and I are able to get away for a date night, we love trying local ethnic restaurants. Our favorite is Olympic Flame! Opa!

Mommy Downfall: I research every baby or child product to death before making a purchase.

I am very passionate about being a mom! I am looking forward to connecting with and meeting other passionate local moms!




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