Why I Love Being a Boy Mom


goofy mom and son. boy mom. Des Moines MomSpiderman. Worms. Dirt bikes. LEGOS.  

Those are only four of the many buzz words that are constantly floating around in my brain 24/7. 

I’m a boy mom. I never imagined the happy chaos that goes along with being a boy mom.  When I found out I was having twin boys I was a little nervous. I wasn’t quite sure how to be a good “boy mom” to one boy, let alone two. Three years in, I can tell you it has been the best experience of my life. 

4 Things I’ve Learned as a Boy Mom

1. Watch your step

I love an organized house, but for my boys, I will let it slide. You can guarantee that  I will undoubtedly step on a LEGO piece, Nerf gun dart, or a Hot Wheels car every 5 minutes. As much as it cringes me to see everything strewn out all throughout my house, it is worth it when I see their imaginations unfold when playing with their toys.  

2. It’s okay to raise a “mama’s boy”

One night I was walking up the stairs with one of the boys, and we were holding hands. The next thing I know, he grabs my hand, kisses it, and says “Love you, Mom.” My heart instantly exploded. There’s no doubt my boys have strong connections to their Dad, but there’s nothing quite like the bond between a Mother and Son. Knowing you will always be their safe space for whatever life throws at them is truly sacred.  

3. Be Brave!

As a mom of twin boys who were micro-preemies, I have learned from the very beginning you are going to have to be brave right from the get-go. There have been multiple times when I have held my breath as a boy mom and watched as they have smiled at me then crashed and burned in a range of situations. The next thing I know, they stand up, look at me, say “I’m good Mom” and keep going. As much as I want to scoop them up and make sure they are okay, I know they are becoming more and more fearless and not afraid to take risks. 

4. Their first true love 

Last but not least, the best thing about being a boy mom, is knowing you are someone’s first true love. You will be their first kiss, first hug, the first friend… their whole world. One day, I know they will find their next true love, but for now, I am cherishing the time when I am still their number one girl. 

Are you a boy mom? What do you love about it?


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