I Have the Itch: 3 (Unlikely) Items on My Spring Fever Shopping List


I have the itch. It happens at this time every year. There must be something about the winding down of winter and the newness of the coming spring.

I. want. to SHOP!

I Have the Itch: 3 (Unlikely) Items on My Spring Fever Shopping List

Anyone else feeling this way? Like a Spring Shopping Spree is definitely in order? I’m not even sure if I would actually spend any money—but somebody help me, cuz I’ve gotta get out and browse!

I think it’s extra bad this year. We moved into a new, custom-built home in mid-October, about the same time the kids were desperately needing some new cold-weather clothes. In the midst of unpacking and settling and simultaneously launching my business with Younique, I couldn’t bring myself to leave the home we’d been waiting so long to be in and spend the extra time going from store to store. So, for what I think was the first time ever, I did all of their fall/winter clothes shopping online.

I have to admit, it worked great. And then Christmastime came, and we being a homeschool family, my kids are with me all. the. time—I couldn’t figure out how to go Christmas shopping! So… once again, online shopping saved the (holi-)day (and yes, lots of time, too).

January and February—I don’t know… it’s cold? I guess I just don’t go “extra” places in the winter if I don’t have to.

But March? I know. It’s Iowa, and it’s still wintery. But I am so ready. I’ve been living in this undecorated and improperly furnished home for almost five months now. I haven’t really been out shopping for at least that long. Seriously, people. My husband took me to Dress Barn in December for something to wear to a wedding. And I made a quick stop at Gordman’s last month to buy him some cheap cologne for his birthday. Other than that, I feel like Hy-Vee and Costco are about the only stores I’ve set foot in since…?

Oh, wait! I did check out the new HomeGoods store in West Des Moines a time or two. That’s where I got the few things I have bought for my new house—throw pillows, a door mat, oven mitts, and some curtain panels which still aren’t hung because I haven’t shopped for a rod….

I Have the Itch: 3 (Unlikely) Items on My Spring Fever Shopping List
I love the pillows and throw blanket I found at HomeGoods!

So, yes, I’ve got the itch. The funny thing is that when it comes right down to it, I’m not much of a spender, but if I can get out and the find is right, I might just be in the market to buy a few things.

A Dining Room Table

This is more of a “need to buy” than a “want to buy.” Large purchases make me nervous. And I’m kind of idealistic, so it has to be pretty much exactly what I want or else I don’t want to spend the money on it. Maybe I should be too embarrassed to admit it, but right now our formal dining room is being graced with a tablecloth-covered six-foot folding table and the two extra chairs from our kitchen table set. I’ve done some looking at tables online, but nothing has really struck me as “right.” If I could find a day to travel and browse, I’ve heard good things about Boat’s Home Furnishings in Pella. Maybe they’d have something I could pull the trigger on.

Trash Cans

Yep, you heard me right. I’ve done so little shopping since we moved to our bigger home that I don’t even have trash cans in all the necessary places. What a funny thing to be desiring to shop for!

Comfy Underwear

I can’t believe I just went there on the World Wide Web, but seriously. Ever since my 14-month spree of nursing twins did in the rest of what little chest I had, I just can’t find a bra that fits right and feels good. More and more I find myself throwing on a sports bra in the mornings. My everyday attire usually consists of athletic clothing anyway, so why not eliminate the underwires and be comfy. I saw these cute little sports bra and undies sets when I was in Gordman’s last month. So yeah, I think those have made the Spring Fever shopping list, too.

Does Spring Fever give you the itch to shop? What’s on your list (unlikely as it may be)?

Need an excuse to get out and shop? Come see me March 21 at La Vida Loca Winery’s Ladies’ Day In Event! I’ll be there with my 3D Fiber Lash mascara and other Younique products from 1:00-5:00 p.m. in the company of some other great vendors! Shop. Sip. Sample. Pamper. Relax!

La Vida Loca Winery Ladies' Day In Event


  1. I’m itching to get a new table set too!

    Ours will in in an eat-in kitchen space and I’ve got this “crazy” idea that I’ll do a highbacked, tufted settee on one side and regular chairs around the rest 🙂


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