Holiday Gifts: I’m making my list and checking it twice…


Christmas shopping, CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, Christmas shopping!!  It can be so overwhelming!  I remember a time in my life when I genuinely did not like buying Christmas gifts.  It was expensive, stressful and time consuming.  Ba humbug!  I didn’t want to be a scrooge forever.  So, one year after Christmas, I made a game-plan to make it more enjoyable!

Tip 1:

I started with opening a Christmas savings account.  Each month we automatically transfer money to this account.  I can’t say enough how much I love this strategy!  The money is there waiting for me to spend it come November.  No financial stress at the holidays in this household!

Tip 2:

Make a list!  Not just any list…be specific.  I start by listing all the people I am buying for and how much my budget is for each person.  Once I buy the gifts, I go back to my list and enter the exact amount I spent for each item.  This step is crucial because it helps me determine the dollar amount I should save for the following year.  (Can you tell I am married to a financial guy??!!)

Tip 3:

Hallelujah…I’m glowing!

Shop online.  I swear the good Lord had mommies in mind when he gave man this brilliant idea.  Seriously.  Not only does it allow you to find the cheapest price but the gifts magically appear at your door!!  Awwwwwe…Bliss.  Also, I try to avoid  paying for shipping too (unless it’s minimal).  Most companies offer free shipping around the holidays so be on the lookout! Even if you aren’t an online shopper, still spend some time surfing the internet for the lowest prices and to get ideas for those “hard to buy for” people.

Tip 4:

If you are insane (LOL) go black Friday shopping!!  The Black Friday deals can be quite enticing.  Standing in long lines however, turns this no-patience momma away.  I do spend the Saturday after Black Friday sulking when my sisters tells me all of her amazing deals!  Maybe next year?!

Tip 5:

2012 Shop til you drop! We lasted from 9am to 10 pm!


Plan an all-day shopping outing!  My mom, sisters and I have done this the last couple of years and let me tell ya…it is AMAZING!  We try to break it up by eating at some of our favorite restaurants too!  Not only is it a great time…but it is much easier to focus on my list without kiddos!



Merry Christmas Shopping Mommas!  Tis the season to be jolly (or goofy)…fa lala la la la la la la!

What are some of your Christmas shopping tips??




  1. I love this, Katie! I, too, am married to a financial guy (who has built THE most amazing spreadsheet for all our budgeting needs). At the end of each year, we make a list of all the gifts (including Christmas) we foresee giving during the upcoming year. We then assign an amount to each person/occasion, add up the total, and divide by 12 so that we know how much gift money to set aside each month. This planning ahead has made gift shopping so much more fun! It takes away the financial stress so that we can fully experience the joy of giving! As for online shopping, we decided to buy an Amazon Prime membership this year; and it has totally paid off. Amazon frequently has the lowest price on stuff, plus we get free two-day shipping!


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