Fun Facts about Your A/C from Wyckoff


This post is part 3 of 6 in our Home Efficiency Series sponsored by Wyckoff Heating and Cooling.

In part 1, we shared “Home Efficiency 101” from Erica, a busy mom of four. In part 2, we looked at why and how to change your air filter with Sarah. Today’s post is all about air conditioning!

Fun Facts about Your A/C from Wyckoff | Des Moines Moms Blog

We were so glad Brett from Wyckoff Heating and Cooling came over to check out our A/C, and we were lucky enough to have him come before the heat wave! Seriously, what is with these 90 degree days? I really thought it would be a boring visit. Last year, we had a (slow) leak that we did not have repaired — we just filled our A/C with more coolant — so I was kind of dreading having someone come check it again. How low is it now? Are they going to scold me for not replacing or repairing? What could they possibly have to tell me that I didn’t learn last year? Well, quite a bit, actually. And, I’m guessing there are quite a few things that you didn’t know about your unit, either.

I hope to encourage you to get your A/C unit serviced this year and every year following. Just like servicing a vehicle so it will run well, we need to take care of our air conditioning and furnace so that it continues to run well, especially when these temperatures have us relying on it night and day!

Here are some fun facts about your A/C unit from Wyckoff.

  • You definitely should get regular maintenance, yearly or every other at most. This helps to catch minor problems before they become major and keep it working longer and better. It is easier and usually cheaper to fix an issue instead of letting that issue become a major problem that forces you to replace the unit.
  • There are three signs your A/C unit is not working properly.
    1. You set the thermostat at 70, but the temp only shows it get down as low as 72, and over time, that number rises as your unit continues to fail.
    2. Wherever your furnace is located, you might notice it flood. That’s because it freezes up in the coil and won’t allow air flow (like the thermostat reflects with the rise in temperature). When it does thaw, it melts and ends up all over your floor.
    3. Eventually, it will stop working all together. You’ll notice a drastic change in temperature on separate levels of the home. It will be more humid and, of course, hotter.
  • Wyckoff can replace your A/C unit during any season! And it’s free to have a salesman come out to quote it for you. Do not wait til it’s summer to have it replaced. They could be backed up and unavailable for weeks while you rely on fans and less clothing to keep cool. They encourage you to get quotes from a few companies! But, they are confident they can offer the best price and service, including their Peace of Mind Planned Service.
  • R22 freon is bad for the environment as it has chlorine in it, and it is being phased out. So if your unit uses this (most older units do), it’s VERY expensive to add this coolant. And not good for the environment anyway.
  • Did you know you should cover your A/C unit in the winter? It’s important to protect it from snow falling in and damaging the blade that spins. You can buy a snazzy cover or a piece of plywood with a brick on top. Either way! If covering with a tarp and bungee cords, you should leave about four to six inches at the bottom so it can breathe, to prevent rust.

Fun Facts about Your A/C from Wyckoff | Des Moines Moms Blog

As we chatted above the whirring of my A/C unit, I learned that HVAC guys kind of all know each other. I asked Brett why he chose to work for Wyckoff over a different company in the metro, and he was quick to respond with, “Family atmosphere. For sure.” They take good care of their employees, and one perk is that even though Wyckoff is located in Carlisle, Iowa, their employees have their own vans and live all over the metro. They don’t have to report to the office before an appointment, which equals happy employees and quick service! Also, because of this family atmosphere, they are very kind and patient when your four-year-old starts yelling at you, non-stop, to come jump on the trampoline with him in the middle of your visit.

If you’re looking for a heating and cooling company to work with, you can’t go wrong with Wyckoff. This family owned and operated business does an amazing job at giving you personal service.

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