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We are moms. We are busy being Chef, Maid, Chauffer, Teacher, Referee and all the other titles we carry each day. So the last thing on our mind is the nuts and bolts of our household. It is likely that most of us don’t know what we need to know about our furnace, air conditioning, fireplace. Let’s face it, home efficiency is likely the last thing on our minds at the end of the day once the kids are in bed!

Third-generation owner Andy Wyckoff recently spent some time with Des Moines Moms Blog contributor Erica Douglas in order to answer some of the questions we likely all have about our homes. Erica and her family of six live in a year-old home.

Erica’s Learning Experience:

The biggest reason I neglect any maintenance to my home is honestly, because as a female, I am afraid of being taken advantage of, overcharged, and having services I didn’t really need.

I was fortunate to get an ‘Air Conditioning 101’ from Andy from Wyckoff. He literally walked through my house with me and answered any and all of my questions. I was grateful for this because most (okay all) of my questions are ones I wouldn’t normally willingly ask.

Here are the highlights of what I learned:

A Fully Functioning Furnace

A six-month furnace check-up actually is necessary, and much cheaper than only calling in an emergency situation. A furnace is arguably the most important appliance in your home, so you want to make sure it’s fully functioning. With Wyckoff, you can set up a payment plan so it won’t be a shock to your budget. Another nice feature is if you are a preferred member, they will call and remind you to make your appointment. I also appreciated learning that they won’t do any additional work without providing you with a written evaluation.

Air Filters

The cheaper air filters are actually better. Some air-filters are woven too tight so that air doesn’t actually flow through them. For my furnace he recommended the larger four-inch filter. You only have to change it every six to eight months which is actually better for me since I can’t remember to do it monthly.

This is one of those things as a mom I need to remember to check. Even though I don’t have to do it monthly, there are always things that are going on (like home remodeling or other projects) that could kick up more dust and require the filter to be changed more frequently. I need to just add it to my calendar.

wyckoff air filter looking at furnace

Air Movement

Andy said a busy family like mine needs air moving in the house. He said new homes are built so tight that turning the fan button on the thermostat to the on position will keep the air moving throughout the house. While lots of people open their windows, he did say that open windows let in the humidity and cause floors to creak.

We can raise the set temperature in our home by just continuously running the ceiling fans in all our rooms and leaving the bedroom doors open throughout the house. Feeling moving air makes the home feel cooler. Since Andy’s visit, we have done this in our home and agree there was no need for our set temperature to be as low as it was.

What to Check before Calling for Service

I know personally, I’m quick to call for service if something isn’t working because I have no clue how to troubleshoot. (Am I the only one?) Andy reminded me of a few things that could accidentally get turned off (by my kids playing around for example) and that I should check before I call. That, and that silly air filter that I forget about.

I also learned that I need to have someone check the furnace and A/C once a year. The great thing with Wyckoff is, if you are part of the peace of mind program, Wyckoff will call you and send you a postcard reminder for when it is time to schedule. (This = Lifesaver for Mommy brain.)

It was clear to me that Andy was not only very knowledgeable about his trade, but he has a great passion for it as well. I highly recommend calling them to get your questions answered!


About Wyckoff Heating & Cooling

As a family-owned and operated business, Wyckoff Heating & Cooling is proud of our service-oriented roots that span four generations and over 65 years of business. We understand the values that are important for a successful business. Serving and connecting with our customers has always been our number one priority.

Wyckoff’s resiliency can be attributed to many factors, but mostly to a combination of outstanding customer service and selection of quality products. Today, the company sets industry standards. Wyckoff is a ClimateMaster GeoElite Dealer, employs the most SAVE certified technicians in the state, is a two-time recipient of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Certified Dealer award, and earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2012.

Wyckoff Heating & Cooling is the contractor of choice for many of central Iowa’s premier homebuilders. In addition, Wyckoff works with many of the area’s best-known individual and franchised commercial businesses. And, we have the distinction of providing service for many local school, governmental and institutional customers.

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