Advice for Moving


For the past two months, we have been busy packing up our home of two years to move to a new house in the area. While we are tremendously excited for our new home, we are bittersweet about leaving our girls’ elementary school and their friends.
With new opportunities, come sacrifices. Lately, we have been sacrificing space and sanity while we live among the boxes!  My sanity is lost, but if you are moving anytime soon, there is still time to save yours.

Here are a few tips.

1. Label Everything

This is our third home in our 6 years of marriage. You would think I would have this down by now! This time around, I have been labeling everything according to which area of the house it belongs in and also being rather specific about what is in that box. It will make it much easier when it comes time to unload the moving truck and when I need to find something.

2. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

I started collecting boxes and packing about 10-12 weeks before the big move. First, I started with all of the things in my kitchen and closets that were not being used. Extra coffee mugs, unused glasses and Tupperware, extra linens, summer clothes.  Next, were the decorations. Pictures, my Willow Tree collection, the girls’ artwork on the wall. I picked boxes that could fit in the space that I packed.

3. Get Your Children Involved

The girls’ room was overflowing with toys and clothes! I decided to save their room for last so that they may have at least one room that wasn’t touched by the chaos. Early on, I asked them to do a few things to get ready. Such as: picking some stuffed animals that they hadn’t played with in awhile for me to pack and going through their clothes; sorting through things that didn’t fit the season or themselves.

4. Ask Your Friends and Family for Help

As my friend said, “Let us know when you move! We would love to help you! We WANT to be there when you move into your house. This is an exciting time for you!” If you are anything like my husband and I, you don’t like having a debt to repay. Most of the time, the truth is that your friends and family want to be there for this day. They want to help you with the children and be a part of your moving experience. Don’t be afraid to ask!

5. Wait to Purchase

I am extremely excited to purchase new nightstands, bath towels, bookshelves, an entry way bench, even new mixing bowls for the new house. All of that can sit at the store until we are all moved in. That way, there are a few less things to worry about losing, breaking or finding space for during the move.

Lastly, remember that all of the chaos is temporary. It may seem like you will never have any order in your house again, but you will. In a new home. With new walls to decorate. New space to fill. New neighbors to meet. New memories to make.

What are your tips for relocating your family?



  1. Ask for Boxes from the produce department at your local grocery store they are sturdy with handles but the best moving boxes are Diaper boxes!

    • @JodiZeaPeterson Jodi, YES! We have gotten probably half of our boxes from the Dahls produce department! They have been rockstars, and always willing to help us load them into the car. I highly recommend contacting them for anyone needing boxes.

  2. We moved four times during the first two years of our marriage, and based on all my “experience,” I think your tips are right on! The only thing I could add is that, if time allows, moving and packing provides a great opportunity to declutter! Why move stuff you no longer use or need?! The chance to eliminate excess was always extra motivation for me to get an early start on the packing process.


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