5 Must-Have Sleep Helps for Children


IMG_3154As we were packing up to head out of town for a vacation I was reflecting on those items we can’t sleep without. A couple are things we used for the boys when they were babies, but three of them are for older children, too. When you have a child who doesn’t sleep you will try ANYTHING! These are the things that have worked for us.

#1 Bouncy Seat

My oldest took many naps in the bouncy seat. Especially the vibrating ones. We blew a motor in one, and I am sure we spent a fortune on batteries, too; but it worked for him! We didn’t have a fancy one – just the basic vibrating bouncer seat.

#2 Moby Wrap

My boys took lots of naps in my Moby Wrap. My oldest didn’t nap very well in his crib so I would put him in the Moby, bounce/pat his bottom, and he would be out for 3+ hours! I would walk, get a few things done, and then sit down in the rocking chair with him so we could both take a nap. My second son also loved the Moby. It was great for naps during church.

I don’t think I will ever be able to sell my Moby – I am deeply attached to that wrap. There are so many wraps and baby carriers out there now, so ask around and find one that works for you. There is even a local Facebook page that is dedicated just to baby carriers and wraps.

Do you have a favorite wrap/carrier?

#3 Sound Machine

Since my son didn’t sleep well, we were so paranoid that we would wake him up with any little noise. Sound machines have been a life saver. We live in a ranch style home, so I love not feeling like we have to tip toe around in fear of waking the boys. We buy the HoMedics brand (available at both Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond). The thing I love about this brand is that you can put batteries in it as a backup in case you lose power.

#4 Blackout Curtains

They are amazing – especially during those long summer days! Target and Walmart sell some nice ones at a good price.

#5 OK to Wake! Alarm Clock

These changed our mornings! I asked for help on my Facebook page with my youngest waking up early, and a couple friends suggested this. We ended up buying one for each boy. You can preset the clock for the desired time you want the light to go on (it is a soft, green glow). You can even program it twice – once for nap and once for morning. We trained our boys not to get out of bed until we come get them; but this clock has given my 5-year-old the freedom to get out of bed on his own (when his light turns green), and it has helped my youngest to know when he can call for mommy and daddy to come get him. I can’t say it passionately enough: this product revolutionized mornings at our house! Now I know I have until 7:15 to get up and get showered/dressed before I start mommy mode. There are some mornings I have to go in and tell the boys it isn’t time to get up yet, but that is rare.

Tell me, what gadgets have you used to help your children sleep?


  1. I have been blessed with very good sleepers. They sleep through the night, take/took long naps, and aren’t super early risers. The crib was the place for optimum napping for all four of my kids, and my best “sleep aid” was the book Baby Wise. Avoiding “sleep crutches” from the very beginning definitely helped us to help our children develop healthy sleep habits (but the occasional 3-hour nap in the swing definitely didn’t “ruin” them, either… 🙂 )!


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