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kids jumping on bed. messy mom

A Defense of Messy Mom

Our kids were completing their chore list the other day, whining while they worked, and the 6-year-old called me out for my untidy side...
where to find a COVID-19 vaccination des moines

Where to Find a COVID-19 Vaccine in Des Moines

The time has come and you’re ready to get your COVID-19 vaccination. You’ve talked to your doctor, you’ve read the facts, and you’ve talked...

The Comparison Game

Whether you have one kid or three, the comparison game will undoubtedly hit you at some point. It’s incredibly hard not to compare your...
woman putting clothes in donation box. Donate Des Moines

Where to Donate Items in Des Moines

Do you do a monthly purge? Or have you recently decided you just need to get rid of some clutter? Donations are always needed...
woman journaling. Des Moines Mom

Benefits of Journaling

We all made it to another year! Go us! I don’t know about anyone else but the end of 2021 into the beginning of...
Mom and child looking over water. the golden years

The Golden Years

I remember when I first became a mom and was drowning in tiredness and confusion, I saw a mom talking about how wonderful life...
wrestlers on a mat. wrestling mom. Des Moines Mom

Tales from a First Time Wrestling Mom

My name is Mary, and I am a wrestling mom. I should clarify to add that I am a girl wrestler mom. I know,...
Safer Swimmers

For a Safer Summer, Swimmers Start Now!

Despite the fact that Des Moines winters are filled with snowy days and frigid temperatures, families shouldn’t put their swimsuits and goggles away! A Head...
girl sitting with laptop. GoPeer. Des Moines Mom

GoPeer Virtual Tutoring Helped My Daughter with Creative Writing

There are two things I learned about my kids during the first phase of the pandemic (when they were out of school for months)....
Nurse giving boy a bandaid. COVID-19 vaccine. Des Moines Mom

We CAN Do This: Facts for Parents on COVID-19 Vaccines

A year ago, I vividly remember longing to send my kids to school and not just because it was the end of a long...
american flag. MLK day. Des Moines Mom

Easy Ways to Celebrate MLK Jr. Day

The kids are off school Monday for Martin Luther King Jr Day, hooray! Of course it’s always nice to have a 3 day weekend,...

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4 Ways to Celebrate the Winter Olympic Games as a Family

“Feel the rhythm. Feel the rhyme. Get on up, it’s BOBSLED TIME!!” -Cool Runnings The winter Olympic Games are almost here, and I am counting...

Tales from a First Time Wrestling Mom

My name is Mary, and I am a wrestling mom. I should clarify to add that I am a girl wrestler mom. I know,...

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