It’s Time For an Expression of Care


Five years ago, my family experienced a sudden, life-altering event. I was not afforded much time to process the trauma I was experiencing. I had to keep going and show up where I was needed. It was hard work to adapt to my rapidly changing circumstances, but I had no choice. My family was counting […]

Calling all superheroes: ChildServe needs you

/* custom css */ .tdi_8_040{ min-height: 0; } /* custom css */ .tdi_10_a9c{ vertical-align: baseline; } Des Moines Mom regularly highlights local nonprofits. There are so many amazing organizations in our community dedicated to looking out for the well being of all who live here. We want to feature them and share ways you and [...]

Easy Ways To Stay Connected


Our need for connection with family, friends, and community is so important during this time of self-isolation and social distancing. We were made for relationships. It can feel discouraging to not know when things will go back to the way they once were before all of this. Thankfully the blessing of technology has made it […]

Berry Picking around Des Moines and Central Iowa

Late spring is prime time for berry picking in Des Moines and Central Iowa. We can’t think of anything better than the taste of freshly picked fruit. Berry picking is a great family activity–kids love seeing where the food grows and everyone loves fresh berries! Check out these local farms for a variety of berry […]

What I’ve Learned Working from Home

We’re like a lot of families. We both work outside the home. One kid is in school and one goes to daycare. We coach little league, hang out with friends, like date nights, and enjoy crowded places, like Cyclone football games. Enter COVID-19. Instantly, my job turned from the fun kind of marketing and communications […]

Purchases That are Saving My Sanity


I have always been an Amazon Prime fan, but during this time of social distancing, I have been even more grateful to have that lovely service to deliver things to my door! Here are some things I’ve purchased since we have been home that have helped our household and helped my sanity. Most of the […]

Celebrating 10 Years

We were going to take a trip for our anniversary.  Ten years of marriage justified the expense. It was going to be the second time in seven years of parenthood that we were kid-free. We were going.  Then we weren’t. Then everything changed.  As with the many other seismic shifts in our world, we had […]

Becoming a Mom


Hold the test pointing down, place the absorbent strip in a stream of urine for 5 seconds, recap the test, and wait for the longest three minutes OF. YOUR. LIFE. Pacing the bathroom, clearly ignoring the portion that states “don’t look at the results for 3 minutes,” you obsessively check the lines and await your […]

Why I Love My Kid’s Age Gap

My boys are four and a half years apart, and I have had many parents ask me if I am sad my boys aren’t “closer.” I am always curious about their definition of “closer.” Do they mean the kids won’t be in consecutive grades? That if the age gap exceeds 24 months my children won’t […]

Des Moines Summer Camps

Des Moines Moms Blog is thrilled to be launching our 2019 ultimate guide to Des Moines summer camps – along with a myriad of other fun summer programs and activities for Des Moines kids!

In + Around Des Moines

Calling all superheroes: ChildServe needs you

Des Moines Mom regularly highlights local nonprofits. There are so many amazing organizations in our community dedicated to looking out for the well being...

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