To My Child’s Teacher

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Lindsey Redlinger makes a difference every day

Dear Teachers,

I appreciate you. You often go unthanked. So, today let me express to you how much you mean to me.

When my children wake up grumpy because I let them stay up too late the night before, I get to rush them off to school where you are there to greet them with a smile. Every. Single. Day. You know there is consistency in routine and you know your students are depending on you. So, there you are. Smiling. You may also be exhausted from a long night. You may have been up all night with a sick baby or may have been cutting cute animal shapes out of construction paper so your reading activity will have a bit more flair.

Courtney Christenson likes to sing little songs for her students

You may have rolled yourself out of bed in just enough time to use some dry shampoo on your way out the door. You may not have had time to eat breakfast or drink your morning coffee. But your students would never know. When my children walk into your room you sing an individualized greeting, pat them on the back, and let them know you are happy they are there.

Thank you for repeating the same instructions 5 times, all the while keeping the naturally sweet tone in your voice. When my children have a rough day and can’t quite get their emotions under control, thank you for letting them know what they are feeling is valid. You understand that everyone needs a little break from time to time. I know you have rough days too. But you do not have the luxury of sitting quietly in a calming corner or taking a break with a short book. You stand in front of the classroom and hold yourself together because you know that is what your students depend on you to do.

You understand just how to encourage my children to try their hardest.

And when they fall, physically or metaphorically, you are there to pick them up, wipe off their knees, and urge them to try again. You treat my children as equals and show them the same respect and dignity you show your friends and family. And because of this, they respect you too.

Jeremy Jorgenson inspires students to love the arts

Specials teachers, I haven’t forgotten about you. It is because of you that my children are able to see all the beauty there is in the world. You know that a child’s drawing can give you a little peek into their soul. You give them a love for music and an understanding of what truly makes us human. You give them confidence through physical activities without the pressure to have to be the best. Through you, they gain an education that must be felt not just taught.

Stephanie Wilber forms true friendships with her students

Most of all, you genuinely care. Thank you for asking my kids about their weekend and for listening intently to every word no matter how long their story might last. Thank you for instinctively knowing when to push a little harder, when to back off, when to tease, when to praise, and when to give a hug. You celebrate the little things like learning to tie a shoe and losing a tooth. You are one of my child’s greatest cheerleaders.

Every morning I entrust to you my entire world.

I leave you with my children knowing when I see them again in the afternoon they will be a little smarter, a little more caring, and a little more amazing because they got to spend their day with you.

From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes, thank you for everything you do. You amaze me.


A mom

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