The Gift of a Christmas Past


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I remember a Christmas not so long ago when my husband surprised me with tickets to The Lion King. It was a huge deal — not just because I’d always wanted to experience that show, but because I’d been house-bound for the preceding nine months, breastfeeding twins and caring for four kids under the age of four.

The big date night rolled around, and Grandma and Grandpa came to babysit (because it would take two of them to do for a few hours what I did on my own every day).

The kids in their care, I headed to the bathroom and hoped I could remember how to “get ready.”

Preparing for Twins: What You Need (and What You Don't Need Two Of)A stay-at-home breastfeeding mom of twins, I didn’t have many outfits to choose from. My daily T-shirt and jeans attire wasn’t special enough for this first night out in who knew how many months. And casual dresses certainly weren’t part of my wardrobe at the time, lest I’d been willing to hike one up to my chin every three to four hours to feed my sweet babes.

So what did I do? I pulled out an old bridesmaid dress (yep), dusted off my dress shoes (literally), and happily embraced the fact that I was totally over-dressing. After all, to me, this occasion was THAT special.

The hair wasn’t much of a problem. I had it short and permed, because… did I mention I was looking down with full hands at breastfeeding twins every three to four hours? And that’s no job for high maintenance hair.

Christmas Gift Date Night | Des Moines Moms BlogBut the makeup…. Oh, dear, how long had it been since I’d worn makeup? My expired foundation was totally separated and didn’t even look usable, but I shook it up good and hoped for the best.

And oh, that night, it was the best. The show, yes, but the gift of a breath…. It was glorious.

By the time we got home that night, my outfit was more inappropriate than when we had left. I’d taken a breather, but my milk production hadn’t, and there was only so much room in that dress…. It was laughable, really, that I’d failed to consider the twin-size “fullness” a few hours would bring. 😀

But my chest was swelling with more than that. My heart had been filled in a much-needed capacity. That night had been the Christmas gift of a lifetime, because it had come at the right time.

Younique by Angela Squires | Des Moines Moms BlogSix years later, I’m at an entirely different place in life now than I was then. I own a makeup business and “getting ready” is my job; my hair is longer than it’s ever been; I can’t fill—much less overflow—the top of a dress if I try; and you can bet my shoes don’t have time to get dusty.

But even as I run (and some days wish I were house-bound), keeping pace with this race that’s been set out before me, I look back to where I’ve been and smile at the future; because someday this present will be a new past, and a gift to remember forever.

What’s the most well-timed gift you’ve ever received?



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