Thanks Mom!


jodi's mom and GI would like to take the opportunity this week to say publicly “Thanks Mom”

Thanks for…

Encouraging me growing up and now as a mom.

Being an example… you were a working mom but you always put us first.  You worked hard and stayed up long after we went to bed.  You always had a hot meal on the table for family supper each night.

Being there for me.  Growing up I always knew I could look up in the stands whether for band or cheer leading/sports and I KNEW without a shadow of a doubt you were sitting there with Dad.  I remember times in my life like when I had my miscarriage I just wanted my mom.  To cry with and knowing you could fully understand.

Helping me when I had my babies.  I was not a pretty patient after birth!  You were there for me as my personal nurse day and night.

Showing me how to be a life long learner.  You went back to school while we were young I appreciate that example.

Being a friend and always there for advice or an ear to listen.

Always supportive of me even I have made choices for my family that I am sure you may not have fully agreed with.

You stood firm in your faith and family.  I know you and dad struggled at times with little money in the bank and various trials in life.  You never threw in the towel or gave up on your faith.  You held strong and that principal has carried me through many hard times.

Grandma to my boys.  They love you and you love them.  I love watching your relationship with them.

I am so blessed to be able to call you Mom!  Thanks for all you and Dad have and continue to do for me and my family.

Love , you daughter

I also have to say a big “THANK YOU” to my mother in law for raising my husband!

I encourage you to write a heartfelt thank you letter to your mother.  What is one thing you love about your mom and what you are thankful for her.  And if your mom isn’t here on Earth anymore what is one way you celebrate her memory?




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