Summer Hair How-To’s


It’s summer time!  HIP HIP HOORAY!!  I love summer…hot days, late nights, lots of ice cream and summer lovin’!  Are you with me?

One of the not-so-good parts of summer is the steaming heat…it causes we female creatures with long hair to fret about frizz or limp hair.  Have no fear. This post is for you!  I asked a few Des Moines lady friends to help me with this one!  We have 4 fab hair dos coming your way!  You will be beating the heat like a champ and kickin’ limp and frizzy hair to the curb!  Here ya go!

Top knot or sock bun:

Gah….I love this do!  Seriously, it is the greatest invention for us mommas who don’t wash daily or just don’t know what to do with our hair!  Also, whenever you wear your hair pulled high on your head…magic happens…instant facelift (this is no joke)!  Plus, the 100 degree- high humidity days can’t touch this do!  I LOVE IT!!  Here’s Megan and I proudly sporting our buns!  I gave you both curly and straight options! 😉  Search Youtube using “sock bun” to find a million awesome tutorials!

Add a Scarf or head wrap:

Adding a scarf is not only super cute it also is very functional!  No more hair falling in your eyes constantly as you are grabbing a file, changing a diaper or cooking supper….whatever it is you do!  I recommend giving your hair some volume and body before adding in the scarf!  You can achieve volume and body with dry shampoo and back-combing or “teasing” your hair….maybe I should dedicate a whole post to this?!  On a side note- find adorable head wraps and scarfs at places like Forever 21 or on Etsy…check out the shop Nooches!  {Thanks again to my gals Megan and Katie for participating in the dreaded “selfie”.  We all thank you for your sacrifice!}

Bangs Back:

The best part of this hairdo is it takes little to no time to do it and you can be as creative or simple as you want with it!  This tops my list for everyday on the go hair dos!  Whether you  twist it back, go straight back or braid it back- the options are endless and this do stays right in place with just two bobby pins!  I am a FAN!  Check out our Bekah’s twist back…Allie’s both sides back and my poof-mamma bangs back!  P.S. You can easily do any of these hair dos on your kidlets!!

Incorporate a Braid:

Braids take a simple hair do and make it fun and flirty!  Perfect for summer!

On a side note…my hubby always tells me he likes my hair whenever I have a braid in it!  Blush!  Maybe a braid is the real way to a mans heart?!  OR maybe just in my little world.  Thank you Megan and Jenna for these heartbreaking braids!


It’s not quite name-able…I’ll let you be the judge.  It came to me from my Irish twin sister, Sara, titled: wedding day hair.  It gave me a good laugh!  I hope it does the same for you!  Happy hair to everyone!



  1. Love it Katie – my hair is up in top knot almost every other day because it’s so hot and I need it off of my neck.
    Tell me – how do you keep the scarf from slipping? I have slippery hair, even though I wash it only 2 times a week, and I have a hard time keeping a scarf or hair band in place. Tips??

  2. I think that “tightness” matters! You can work magic on a sewing machine…right?! 🙂 So, maybe tighten the ones you are using!

  3. Fun post, Katie! I actually prefer having long hair in the summertime because then I can pull it up off my neck when I want to… and this post gives me some new ideas for how to do that! Thanks! 🙂


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