Summer Goals for the Whole Family


summer goalsSummer is a great time to set goals. What are some things you and your family want to learn or accomplish?

Last year, my one-year-old dropped his binky, we went fishing, I planted some new flowers, and my daughter rode her three-wheeler.

It was all inspired by the lists from my fellow contributors. We made a list of summer goals for my family again this year. I posted mine to my Instagram Stories last year so my followers could see what we had planned.

Summer Goals for the Family

For my husband

We made a list of “house project goals” when we moved into our home and we have made great progress. Currently, my husband is putting together a playset for the kids.

For my toddler

My son is 2 ½ and is showing great interest in the bathroom so we are slowly encouraging him. We have a goal to perfect his colors

For my 6-year-old

It’s a perfect summer to cut those training wheels off the bike! Also, we don’t have control over this one, but my 6-year-old has one wiggly tooth ready to come out for the Tooth Fairy.

Last summer we were preparing her for kindergarten by practicing her writing. This summer, we are building on what she has learned and hope to continue expanding in other topics like math and science.

For me

I’ve been running over lunch while working from home in this pandemic, and I have a goal to get back to running a 5K without stopping.

Other ideas to build your own summer goals or bucket list:


-Make Smores

-Camp in the backyard

-Bike as a family to ___ spot

-Explore a new park

-Get a subscription box like Kiwi Crate (we love it!)

-Try a meal kit (Here are my favorites)

-Clean out your closet

-Establish a family reading time

-Learn a new skill or hobby (knitting, baking)

-Try a workout at home

What are your summer goals? Share them with us and we can all hold each other accountable.

summer goals

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Niki Smith
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