Scheels Kids Club – A Fun, Free Event for Kids


Does your family enjoy being active outdoors?  Or do you wish your kids had an interest in something other than video games and Barbie dolls?  Let me offer a suggestion- Scheel’s Kids Club!

A Fun, Free Event for Kids

I only recently ‘discovered’ the Kids Club at Scheel’s and my girls were keen to try the Fishing 101 event a couple weeks ago.   (They were also signed up for Camping 101 which took place this week but we missed it due to delays returning from -ironically- camping in the Black Hills.)

A hands-on opportunity for kids age 4-12, events happen on set Mondays throughout the year, once or twice a month, at 6pm at Scheel’s in Jordan Creek Town Center.  Each Kids Club lasts 45 minutes to an hour and parents are welcome to join their children or enjoy the short break from them.

What to Expect at Scheel’s Kids Club

Registration is requested as some events require items to be organized before hand, but walk- in registrations are welcome.  To register call Scheel’s at 515-727-4065.  Each child is given a lanyard with a number upon check in, and the parent receives the matching number for pickup.  Your child will not be released without that number being returned.

The kids all begin in the large meeting room in the basement of Scheel’s, where they are given an overview of what they will be learning and are split into smaller groups.  For Fishing 101 there were 3 groups, one for each ‘station’ of the event.  15 minutes was spent at each station, learning about the topic.  In fishing we learned about fish & bait, casting, and tying a fishing line.

Scheels Kids Club Fishing 101
Live Minnows for Fishing Bait
Scheels Kids Club Fishing 101
Practicing casting in Scheel’s warehouse
Scheels Kids Club Fishing 101
Tying a hook, adding weights & bobbers

The kids are always supervised by at least two adults and the staff are very attentive to how many kids are in their group, making sure they all stay together.  After experiencing each station the kids all come back together in the meeting room where they get a piece of fudge from the Scheel’s Fudge Shop- a very sweet way to end the evening!

Scheels Kids club Fishing 101
Matching Numbers!

While some parents come downstairs to collect their kids, you can also pick them up on the main level, near the stairs, where they were dropped off.

Upcoming Kids club events at Scheel’s in West Des Moines:

July 22:  Survival Bracelet

August 5: Triathlon

August 19: Archery 101

September 16:  Football

You can pick up a brochure at Scheel’s Customer Service or view the Scheel’s events calendar for upcoming Kids Clubs.

Did you know about Scheel’s Kids Club?  Will we see you at future events?


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