Preschoolers and Process Art at The Goddard School® Waukee

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The Goddard School at Waukee
Do your kids love to get messy and create art projects?

Research indicates that young children learn best using the vehicle of play-based learning. Many people contend that play-based learning has no rhyme or reason, but this simply is not the case.

At The Goddard School of Waukee, play-based learning in the focus. True play-based learning incorporates multiple learning objectives into one learning activity. Process art is one way to make this happen.

process artProcess Art for Preschoolers

Getting children excited about art is something that requires true passion and imagination. Some preschoolers recently were observed using a common shower curtain liner in a unique way. The children were given a great deal of autonomy in deciding what color paint to use, where their body would be positioned in relationship to the curtain, and also when they were done. Some children chose to lie under the curtain so they could see the colors mixing while other children chose to stand up and paint.  

This activity is about the process. You can paint over other paint, mix paint, and you can leave empty spaces. The children are encouraged to try new things, such as using sponges, feathers or fingers as their painting instruments. With this activity, there are no mistakes.

Process art teaches patience, instills creativity, and encourages planning skills, but it also allows for spontaneity. This art form also benefits the emotional health of young children, builds self-esteem and helps children focus.

The sky is the limit for process art. Let those creative juices flow!  

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