New School Year Resolutions


Confession: I don’t have the best track record with New Year’s Resolutions so I’m not sure why I feel compelled to make some New School Year Resolutions this year. Maybe it’s the excitement of my kids heading back to school or the smell of new school supplies. It could also be that I’ve had some past regrets as a mom that I don’t want to repeat this year. 

We have a middle schooler and a high schooler this year. By this point in their schooling career, I am seeing trends in their strengths and weaknesses that repeat each year. I also know I continue to stress about the same things year after year as their mom. It is my hope that putting some resolutions in writing will help us make this year our best yet!  

Des Moines Mom Blog School year resolutions

Resolution #1: Check Grades Often

While grades aren’t something we tend to stress over, we do want our kids to try their best and turn their work in on time. One of our kids is notorious for missing assignments. It’s not that he doesn’t want to turn them in, I truly think his brain doesn’t even think about them. By the time I would check the online gradebook, I was usually pretty upset with him for multiple missing assignments! 

Since organization is something that challenges him, if I help him check in weekly (instead of monthly–or more), I can help him learn some tools for self-accountability. 

Which brings me to…

Resolution #2: Teach Better Organization Skills

Since it’s the beginning of the new school year, we went to Target for the annual purchasing of school supplies. I’ve learned that sometimes what is suggested for students isn’t a one-size-fits-all, especially in terms of organizing. For example, we’ve learned that one zippered binder with accordion files is better than six folders and six spiral notebooks for one of our kids. 

This year, I’m taking it to the next level. I need to actually teach him how to organize his papers so he can find things efficiently. It’s my hope that if I help him get started with some daily habits in the fall, he’ll be able to continue with those habits for the rest of the year, and hopefully beyond. 

Des Moines Mom Blog School year resolutions

Resolution #3: Simplify Meals

With two athletes in the house who are also involved in many extra-curricular activities, I feel like I’m packing them each breakfast, lunch, snacks, and more snacks each day. Then they come home wanting first dinner before practice and second dinner after. I spend so much time prepping food each day for these growing boys! 

Some things I’m working on include: 

  • Buying multiple food containers so I can prepare things in bulk. (Ex. lots of small containers so I can make up 10 fruit containers with frozen mangos/pineapple for their lunches for the week.) 
  • Compiling a list of VERY quick dinners. (Ex. 1.5lbs frozen ground beef + Sloppy joe mix + 2 cans tomato paste in the Instant Pot for quick sandwiches.) 
  • Putting money into their school lunch account so they can get some a la carte items or hot lunch this year in case I don’t feel like preparing lunches or snacks that day. (And not feeling guilty about it!)
  • Enlisting their help! Having them help me prepare their snack bags and lunches for the following day to help our mornings go smoother. Des Moines Mom Blog School year resolutionsOur Lunchbox Drawer

I know people usually just do one New Year’s Resolution but I’m hoping we can take steps to make this school year a bit smoother than past years with these three ideas. The kids agree these are three areas we can improve and are willing to do their part too! 

Wish us luck! 

Do you have school year resolutions? 


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