My Favorite Products for Clean Living


clean livingI started seeing a chiropractor/natural health doctor in the fall of 2020. She set me up with supplements and ultimately my goal was to get my body cleansed of so many elements that over the year had worn down my body. 

She challenged me to switch out one household product a month for a better, cleaner product. We can’t control everything, but I can control what I buy. There are a lot of false claims that products/companies make saying that they are “clean” but don’t hold up to the test. 

3 Clean Living Switches

Laundry detergent

First up was my laundry detergent. I usually had purchased your standard name brand at Target. I was looking for something with no chemicals or fragrances and ended up at Molly’s suds. They name every single ingredient and why they use it. I felt educated on my purchase and most of all after using the product will continue to buy it. I also eliminated dryer sheets in this process and use natural wool drying balls. Price-wise, it was not much of an increase at all maybe $4-$5 more than what I was currently purchasing. 

Dry Shampoo

Next was my dry shampoo. There are lots of crazy chemicals in there, and let’s be real, as a pregnant mama of two it is my most used product. I found a great substitute in the Holton Homestead’s Dry Shampoo (under $12) and found it at a local shop in Ankeny, Tweedle Dee’s. Love that I can support a small business, buy local, and replace the toxic one I was using. 


My makeup was a total renovation. I literally threw out everything and started from scratch. I used the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website to search for products and ended up going with BeautyCounter. Many of their products are verified by the EWG, and you can use this site ( to put in various products to see where they rate! I also adore Root Pretty, based right here in Iowa. They have some awesome education on all their products. 

What are your favorite products for clean living?

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Haley Phillips lives in Ankeny with her husband, Matthew and two living children, Hudson and Quinn. She loves spending time outside with her family and friends frequenting parks and trails. Reading and sipping coffee are her favorite pastimes. She currently serves as co-founder and Client Manager of The Fletcher Foundation which exists to help families emotionally and financially after miscarriage or stillbirth. You can find more information at


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