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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Mooshu Trainers, but all opinions are personal. We only share brands and products we love and believe in.

Ready or not, fall is just around the corner here in central Iowa (personally, I am stoked!).

We’ll soon be turning in the days of bare feet and sandals for cozy socks and cute fall shoes.

Which is all good and well (did I mention I love fall?!) — unless you have a toddler who hates shoes.

At first, I think it was because my early walker used his toes to help with stability. After that, I think he just got used to the freedom.

I have been silently panicking about the screams I knew were bound to ensue come non-negotiable shoe weather.

When given the opportunity to try out a pair of Mooshu Trainers, I initially thought, Well, worth a shot!

No one could have been as surprised as me at how well these adorable shoes have gone over! We’ve tried them out at a variety of locales and situations. Most recently, we ventured out to the pumpkin patch.

Mooshu Trainers Collage 2

These brown boots were durable and comfortable as we traipsed all over the barnyard. At one point, I thought I’d give him a break and take them off, but he insisted that they be put back on. I’d say everyone within a few yard radius knew how much he desired his Mooshu Trainers!

Aesthetically, I love that they are classic. Functionally, I’m so glad they have some give and have durable soles and Velcro. I know they will work with all the plaid I’m dreaming of putting him in this fall and will look terrific in family photos.

Another great feature of Mooshu Trainers is that they include removable squeakers. When we’re at home, we let our kiddo squeak to his heart’s content (he loves it and we like the free entertainment as our cats try to figure out what is going on). But at the pumpkin patch, it was fun to watch him crack up but then nice to give everyone around us a reprieve. I was able to remove the squeakers while he was wearing the shoes and frantically trying to get to the apple jacks stand.

About Mooshu Trainers

Mooshu Trainers is about having fun with your infant/toddler as they explore their first steps. We are committed to offering shoes that have sweet styling with a comfortable and secure fit. It’s important for little ones to want to wear their shoes, and with the squeaker in the heel, it not only encourages heel-to-toe walking but also gives your child a rewarding sound to keep moving.

Our goal is to provide whimsy and fun during this important milestone in you and your child’s development. Mooshu Trainers is all about celebrating the process of learning to walk and a lifetime of joy. First steps with sweet style really speaks to our mission to have stylish, fun, and comfortable shoes for those new walkers in your life.

Find Your Favorite Pair

Whether your little one is just starting to cruise the furniture or is off and running, we’d love for you to check out Mooshu Trainers‘ full collection online and sign up for their newsletter! All readers who sign up for their newsletter automatically receive 10 percent off purchases, and there’s free shipping on orders over $50. Unfortunately, no boutiques in Des Moines carry Mooshu Trainers currently (talk to your shop-owning friends!), but we know our readers love Omaha, so plan to make an extra stop the next time you visit the Zoo!

Tuckered Out in MooshusBe sure to pick up a coffee on the way home because after all the fun your kiddo has running around, you might find yourself needing to hang out in the driveway while they car nap. Mama tip #486: log on to your house’s Wi-Fi and do some online shopping while you’re at it!

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