Mom Goals and Aspirations for 2021


Goals. Resolutions. Timelines. Failures. Successes.

These are words we are hearing a lot right now. As 2020 came to an end, I was ready for a fresh start. Time to look towards what the future is going to look like. We made it and I can’t wait to see what 2021 has to bring for our family. 

Goals for a New Year

2021 brings renewed spirit into our house as we look forward to changes in how we spend our time. I want to focus on family and spending intentional time with each member. Throughout 2020 we had extra time to spend with one another. It was the time I looked forward to each day. When we would all gather around the table and enjoy a meal ALL together. Previously, we were all so busy we didn’t make mealtime a priority. Often it was drive-thru or a quick pb&j as we ran out the door. 

Make Mealtime a Priority

My first goal is making a healthy meal for dinner at least 5 nights a week. Our family functions as a unit when we are eating healthy and can communicate when we are hangry. Especially my three- and one-year-olds! With kiddos eating healthy can seem a little daunting. Mine love chicken nuggets, hamburgers, pasta, and french fries. So with a little change I now make grilled chicken nuggets, hamburger sliders, whole grain pasta or veggie pasta, and homemade french fries. These are small changes but easily doable for our family. 

Put Down My Phone

My second goal is putting my phone away for 3 hours intentionally each day. By being present in the moment I am a better mom and wife. During 2020 I was able to be present and discover new attributes of each of my kiddos. I want to continue to learn new things about each of them. Especially my older girls. Having them 50 percent of the time makes me more aware of the time we have together. Like learning that my younger daughter loves Airheads Extremes during winter break when we made pop tart houses. It’s a little nugget of information I will remember because I was present without distraction. 

Connect with Friends

My third goal is to reach out to a friend or neighbor each week with a phone call or visit. By making personal connection a priority, I hope to deepen the relationships around me. Finding a small way to connect each week will help my mental health. One thing I know about myself is I need adult interaction when spending my days with my littles. So writing a letter or calling a friend will help me to have an outlet for a few moments each week. 

I found some beautiful cards to send friends and family during the holidays from The Red Door Press. I will continue to purchase these cards to send throughout the year because I want to support small businesses who put heart and soul into their products. Another place I enjoy shopping for cards and gifts to send is XO-LP. Laura Palmer’s cards are whimsical and very unique! I love seeing the new items she puts up in her shop including colorable table runners and cards. A little time to color and release some stress while being able to connect with friends. 

By taking these goals and working towards them each week, I know I will be bettering myself. I will focus on hope and resilience through the trials and triumphs of the new year. I hope you are able to find a few goals to work towards, even small steps toward a larger goal. By focusing on what we can control we will start 2021 on a positive note! 

What are your goals for the new year? 


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