LOF-Xpress™: Get Your Oil Changed Without Leaving Your Car

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One of the things I routinely put off until the last minute is getting my oil changed. Yes, I know why they are important and I know the dangers of not keeping up on car maintenance. They just take so much time! And I always feel like I have no idea what I should/should not do with my car. Does anyone else feel this way?

I recently got to try an Xpress Oil Change service at LOF-Xpress (Lube Oil Filter) in Ankeny. Their slogan is “Changing the Way Your Oil Gets Changed.” I found this to be 100% true! This was unlike any oil change I’ve had before. It was fast, easy, and very few questions were asked of me.™

Here’s a bit about the experience.

First, you pull up to a kiosk where they ask you what service you’d like. Imagine a large screen like Starbucks with a camera so you can see who you are talking to. I said I was here for an Xpress Oil Change. They quickly explained the different oils they offered and gave me a recommendation based on the kind of car I have. The only other questions I received were about whether I wanted my tire pressure checked ($1.99) or my fluids topped off ($1.99). It printed a ticket and they told me to pull my car around into the garage. 

LOF-Xpress oil change review

Once in the garage, I gave the ticket to the mechanic, popped the hood, and they quickly began to work. Then I was offered coffee, hot chocolate, or water.

There was also a large screen TV with a morning news show on for passing the time. I opted to get a little work done on my phone while I waited. I never left my car during this entire process. This would have been great for when I had my kids with me!

LOF-Xpress in Ankeny is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and have various locations around central Iowa.

I didn’t end up getting much work accomplished because they were done so quickly. They had a large timer going so I could see exactly how much time they were spending on my car. My oil change took less than 10 minutes from the time I rolled into their garage. I’m sure it could be busier during different times of the day, but this was impressive. I once spent over 3 hours in a car dealership waiting for an oil change, so this was a tremendous relief!

LOF-Xpress oil change review

My bill was explained, I received the window tag reminding me to come back in 5,000 miles, and I was on my way. They also showed me where the complimentary vacuum was. (I am hoping they offer this to everyone and not just because we had a large amount of random snacks in the backseat.)

In addition to the Xpress Oil Change, there is a Full Service Oil Change available and other services you’d expect from places similar to LOF-Xpress. The Full Service option includes more preventative checks and exterior window cleaning.

If you are looking for a fast, friendly oil change, this is the place to go. I highly recommend it!

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  1. LOF Express in Ames sucks

    I got my oil changed at this facility. The next day my car was on the side of the road inoperable with a low oil pressure message. I had to call AAA and towed my vehicle to my local mechanic. He discovered that LOF did not put my oil filter on my car correctly and all the oil blew out all over my engine. I called LOF and after they talked to my mechanic and discovered that they were at fault it was agreed upon that they would reimburse me for the oil change at LOF and the mechanics bill at my local shop. Three weeks later and several phone calls I have yet to receive any compensation for my troubles. I have been told too many times that the check is in the mail. I check the mail every day and I have not received anything from them. Not even an apology. Very upset with this company.

    Update. I finally get a check from LOF as promised but they didn’t sign the check so I can’t cash it. Three phone calls later and no one has called me back or tried to resolve this situation.

    • Hi Teresa,

      Teresa, we are so sorry to hear about your experience with LOF-Xpress. I forwarded your comment over to them. Their owner, Ted Sage, will be reaching out to you directly within the next couple of days. They try to always provide top-notch service and are always striving to be the best.

      Thank you for your candor and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Hello Teresa! I can only speak to the excellent service I received there and I’m sorry your experience was not the same. I would recommend going in to the store and speaking to them directly. Best of luck with this!


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