Iowans Rejoice: IKEA is Finally Coming to Des Moines!


ikeaHappy April Fool’s Day!

But seriously…how many Iowans would lose their minds if IKEA would grace us with their presence? After all, we love trendy, affordable furniture, quirky home goods, as well as Swedish meatballs and lingonberry drink just as much as our neighbors to the north and south of us. We deserve our own store and we are tired of traveling 3-4 hours to get our IKEA fix!

Like and share in hopes of grabbing the IKEA expansion team’s attention, but while we are waiting for everyone’s favorite megastore to arrive, check out these cool things to do in the metro instead:

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  1. Bummer!!! So cruel!!! Waited 15 months for Billy bookcases and get yes/no in stock in St. Louis and Chicago! BOOOOOOOO! Hope Ikea will hire a REAL programmer to design and engineer online ordering a la Amazon, Ally Bank, Ebay, etc. etc. etc. Can’t do much of anything on existing Ikea website.


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