How to Survive as an Uncrafty Mom


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Crafts. I actually enjoy crafts, and have been known to whip out a felt wreath or a tissue paper pom-pom from time to time. Crafts with kids? Just saying those words gives me anxiety. Seriously, the thought of glitter and glue and three million microscopic pieces of paper all over my floor is enough for me to pretty much never do crafts with my two boys at my house. Yep, I’m an uncrafty mom and I’m guessing there are many of you out there who can totally relate.

I thought I would share a few of the things I’ve learned as an uncrafty mom:

target valentines Target Is Your Best Friend

You will never find a single pin on my Pinterest board for a homemade Valentine. Instead, you will find me happily strolling down the aisles of Target purchasing over-priced, tacky, character Valentine’s cards.

Play-Doh Is an Outside Toy

This little tip took me almost six years of motherhood to implement and it is life changing. Both of my boys love play-doh, and I have always been reluctant to get it out because of the mess (also, does it really bother anybody else when the colors get mixed?!!) and almost always told them no when they asked to get it out. Since it has moved to an outdoor toy, I say yes every time they ask to play and just throw a sheet down on the deck, give them the bin full of play-doh, shake the sheet off when done, and everybody is happy!

A sandbox and sidewalk chalk are a couple other ideas for outdoor “crafty” activities that I’m always willing to participate in, as the mess is contained outside and they can be creative and play for a extended length of time with either of those things.

stickers Stickers Count as Crafts

I can handle stickers. A piece of construction paper and a few sheets of stickers and I have happy boys who feel like they are doing a really fun craft while I’m happy with the ease of setup and cleanup.

Let Other People Be the Crafty People

My kids come home with SO MANY crafty things that they do at Sunday school or preschool that I feel like they more than meet their quota of crafts without me being involved.

Don’t Feel Guilty about Being an Uncrafty Mom

I think this is the most important tip I can offer. Shortly after I became a mom, I realized I can’t be the mom that is good at everything. So I very quickly let any guilt I had about not being a crafty mom or the kind of mom who spends lots of time playing with her kids on the floor because I’m really good at being the kind of mom who takes her kids on adventures and loves to create special traditions and snuggle them to sleep. So embrace your uncrafty mom status and your kids will, too!

Are you an uncrafty mom? Any tips you want to add?

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