Giving Back for Back-to-School


This is a safe space.

Let’s be honest.

Some love it.

Some dread it.

As a self-proclaimed nerd and lover of all things school, I’m here to say:

I ADORE back-to-school shopping!

When I was a kid…

I remember–very distinctly–being worried each year when this time rolled around.

Was this a good year? Would there be enough money? Can the other kids tell if I’m using last year’s stuff?

Learning and academics has always been my wheelhouse, my safe space.

But back-to-school shopping turned me into an anxiety, probably not-very-fun-to-deal-with little person.

Giving Back for Back-to-School | Des Moines Moms Blog

Now that I’m the parent…

I felt like I had to wait forever for my oldest to be preschool age so I could justify all those glue sticks and new boxes of crayons.

I love that I can splurge on my kids this time of year.

But I haven’t lost those memories of being the kid without.

And although I don’t want to artificially withhold from my children (as if that in and of itself will inoculate them against entitlement), I very much want to intentionally shape hearts of gratitude.

What we can do…

The first (and least expensive) way to make an impact is to just sit down for a conversation. Maybe before your family even does any shopping. Depending on your children’s ages and all the factors of your situation, this might look like

  • talking about taking care of our things–making them last, being resourceful, and being able to share with others.
  • brainstorming all the ways families have to get ready for the school year and how your family could serve those in your circle of influence.
  • getting real about the feelings that come with what it means to want things, what it means when people make judgments about what you have or don’t have, and how to make kind the new cool.

The second way you can get involved is by giving some of your resources to local school supply collection efforts. The great news about many of these efforts is that if you want to volunteer, you need to go through a registration process that will keep you informed of other volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Win.

For more information, click on each of the links below. Be sure to show us some social media love if you get a chance to donate or participate!

Back to School Iowa School Supply Drive

Families Helping Families of Iowa Supply Drive

Iowa Wild School Supply Drive

Mentor Iowa School Supply Drive

Orchard Place School Supply Drive

Story County Back to School Blast

Waukee Area Christian Services Supply Drive

West Des Moines School Supply Drive

Thanks for all you do to love on Central Iowa families (including your own!)



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