Have You Turned on Your Furnace Yet?


wyckoff heating and cooling hvac check upAlright, show of hands, who has turned on their furnace this fall?

We have had some chilly fall weather, especially lately with strong winds, but my personal goal is to try and wait until November. I feel like November is the time we head toward winter and winter, not fall, means cold weather and heating the house.

As we quickly crept toward November I started thinking we should probably call someone to have our furnace looked at.

We purchased our new-to-us home just over a year ago and the furnace required a repair last year that was thankfully covered with our home warranty. Seeing that our home (and furnace) are about 13 years-old, I figure we need to be in “maintenance and major repair prevention” mode, or at least be aware and able to plan for a replacement if one is on the horizon, because no one likes the new furnace/AC cost as a surprise!

I grew up in Carlisle, so I was very familiar with Wyckoff Heating & Cooling when it popped in my Google search. Knowing it is a family company gives me “all the feels”; like calling my dad if my husband is not available to do a repair that is out of my scope.

I called to make sure they would come to our home near Waukee; I wasn’t sure what their territory was and they assured me that they travel throughout the Greater Des Moines Metro without issue.

I was intrigued with their Peace of Mind Planned Service Agreements that allows for two visits per year (spring and fall) for $168+ tax with additional benefits like discounts on parts, accessories, and labor, and no overtime charges for night and weekend calls, because let’s face it that is always when something happens.

What to Expect

I scheduled a technician to come out when both my husband and I could be home. I like to think I take an active role in knowing the status of our home’s systems. I might not always understand or be able to repair things myself, but I do want to be educated and aware of large item life-spans and expectancy.

When the technician arrived, he kicked the furnace on (don’t worry, it was only for a few minutes) and headed to the basement with my husband. He thoroughly cleaned and inspected all the parts and monitored the functioning of the system.

We have a whole-home humidifier as well as a bacterial sanitizing UV light system on our unit and he also inspected those. The technician walked us through what he was seeing and doing and luckily everything came back with a great report (wipes sweat from brow).

We use a reusable furnace filter and he let us know we will need to wash it more frequently than we would change out a disposable one. During the fall inspection they do a quick check on the AC unit, but nothing in-depth until spring.

After the technician left, a full report was emailed to us and kept on file at Wyckoff for future reference. My husband was very impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection and that the technician did not mind walking him through the process because he is a talented “Mr. Fix-it” and likes to understand what is going on and if there is anything to be concerned about now or for the future.

I have to admit, I am glad that is over and the outcome was so positive! I definitely have a greater peace of mind knowing the furnace looks good and we should not experience any issues this winter when the temps drop below zero.

I am not sure why we had not done preventative maintenance sooner; I mean we service our vehicles regularly, our lawn receives the TLC it deserves each season, we take care of the swimming pool without question…why did we keep putting this off?

Have you scheduled furnace maintenance? 

About Wyckoff Heating & Cooling

As a family-owned and operated business, Wyckoff Heating & Cooling is proud of their service-oriented roots that span four generations and over 65 years of business. They understand the values that are important for a successful business. Serving and connecting with their customers has always been their number one priority.

Wyckoff Heating & Cooling is the contractor of choice for many of Central Iowa’s premier homebuilders. In addition, Wyckoff works with many of the area’s best-known individual and franchised commercial businesses. And, they have the distinction of providing service for many local school, governmental, and institutional customers.

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This post was sponsored by Wyckoff Heating & Cooling - serving Central Iowa for over 65 years.
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