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friendship matters. Making friends as an adultLast month many people celebrated the romantic (and highly commercialized) holiday of Valentine’s Day. However, I noticed another holiday getting a lot of publicity this year as well—Galentine’s Day. This is the holiday where ladies celebrate their friendships with each other. I believe our relationships with other women is a crucial part of enjoying life.

I’ve had the same two best friends since seventh grade, but this is also about the others friendships I’ve made. 

My Friendship Story

I have been a part of many groups of females over the years. I was a fifth grade teacher in my 20s so naturally, I was surrounded by other women daily. While it was important to talk about our students and curriculum, I found that one of the most enjoyable aspects of teaching was talking to others about our triumphs and struggles as mothers. This was a group I didn’t choose to be in but was so thankful to be a part of. I am no longer teaching but I still have many lasting friendships from that group of women.

About the time I started teaching, I was asked to come to a Bunco Night. This is where a group of 10-12 women get together monthly and play a partner dice game. I went with a colleague. It was totally out of my comfort zone to attend an event where I only knew one other person. (As it turns out, I actually knew quite a few ladies in that group!) I’ve been with this group for over ten years now and am so thankful to have this group of ladies in my life. I’ve laughed so much, shed a few tears, and basically used the night as a way to escape reality for just a few hours. In Bunco, we talk about the triumphs and struggles of motherhood while having great food and many laughs.

friendships that matter des moines moms blog bunco group

Do you notice a theme yet? Being able to laugh, cry, and process through the ups and downs of being a mom, partner, colleague, etc. is so important.

I don’t want to make it sound like these small groups of women are always positive. I have been a part of book clubs that didn’t last or local mom’s group where I just didn’t feel like I fit in. If you are finding this is true for you, don’t give up! Your people are out there somewhere!

If you are interested in finding a group, here are some suggestions.

  • Get a group of friends together and start a dinner club. Meet for dinner once a month at a new place and enjoy each other’s company. Here’s a good book to get you started! Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table With Recipes by Shauna Neiquist
  • Start a Cookbook Club. Each month a cookbook is selected and you get together for dinner. Everyone brings a dish from the recipe book to sample and enjoy!
  • Find a Bunco group. Our Bunco leader Staci said she started our group when she only knew three other people in town. We now have a very tight-knit group!
  • Do you enjoy reading? Consider a Book Group! Libraries are a great place to meet people, but you may find that you want to branch off into your own group as well. 
  • Are you a part of a church or community group? Plan a night to get together at someone’s house for dinner and discussion.

friendships that matter des moines moms blog bunco night

A Note for Introverts

If you are reading this and thinking, “I could NEVER invite others to start a group” or maybe you’re thinking, “Being with others sounds totally draining and stressful”, NO worries! You might find just one other person who enjoys a similar hobby as you. People who are naturally more introverted might benefit from finding one friend who they can talk deeply with about a recent book they read or podcast they listened to. Or perhaps you can volunteer, knit, or work on another hobby together. 

I truly believe life is meant to be shared with others. We will all likely change our groups at least a little bit as the seasons of life come and go, but the idea behind them remains. We need strong relationships to feel secure and I hope you find your group—no matter how big or small—to share life with!


  1. Finding those other women groups and developing friendship I feel like can take time but it is so important. I love the Bunco group! Here lately a group of Moms that I know through Story Time at our local library, we’ve been doing Mom Movie Nights where we’ll go out to eat and go to the latest chick flick at our local movie theater for a night away just the ladies.


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