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family tv shows

I appreciate all the great family shows available for our kids. 

As a mom, it takes intentional effort to connect with our kiddos. Screens can come between us and our kiddos if we allow it or they can bring us together. Using a show to keep our kiddos occupied while we make dinner, or taking the 30 minutes of self-care time we so desperately need is okay.

Knowing what television shows are educational or appropriate for our kiddos is important.

PBS has given toddler and preschool moms so many wonderful shows for our kiddos as they have broadened the diversity of the shows. I enjoy watching with my kiddos because of their positive message. Daniel Tiger has given my son countless new words and ways to show his emotions.

I am grateful for HiHo Kids on Youtube. It has opened a dialogue between myself and my middle-school-age girls. I can ask questions about what they think or are feeling after watching it. 

We have a big age range in our house, so it can be a challenge to find something everyone wants to watch. I can only listen to Mickey sing about his clubhouse for so long before we want to find our own clubhouse! One of our current favorites is The Masked Singer which returns in February. Nailed It on Netflix is a great conversation starter with the kiddos. Watching and then trying to recreate what they make is always a memorable experience.

Mom-Recommended Kid TV Shows

Preschoolers: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, Peppa Pig

Elementary: Story Bots, HiHo Kids, Magic School Bus, SciGirls, MasterChef Junior

Teenagers: Stranger ThingsDiary of a Female President, The Mandalorian 

Find a show your family can watch together. 

The busyness of life can warrant an hour to decompress and sometimes watching a Disney Nature special is exactly what you need. Or maybe turning on MasterChef Junior and watching talented kid chefs create masterpieces. This can open conversations with kiddos about what talents they have or where they may see their path in life going. 

Looking for more family-friendly viewing? Check out:

Kid-friendly YouTube Shows

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What are your favorite family-friendly TV shows? 

family tv shows


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