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Haverlee PhotographyFamily photos can be stressful experiences, particularly for the mamas, but they absolutely don’t have to be! With Haverlee Photography, she’ll make the most of your time together and move at the pace that works best for each individual child.

Haverlee believes it’s a gift to create a safe space for families to giggle and cuddle and have fun together. The result is a set of timeless images that will be cherished long after those kiddos are grown and gone. 

Haverlee Photography

Focused on Families

Your family is the primary focus with Haverlee Photography. While other full-time photographers focus on weddings and couples and take on family photography out of necessity, Haverlee is the opposite. She’s passionate about family photography and she adores working with children and capturing the connection between siblings and parents. Haverlee strongly considered being a preschool teacher or a postpartum doula, so her passion for families is clear. Photography is the perfect fit for her.

She’s never met a child who’s too loud, too wiggly, too silly, or too shy to get a good shot. (Hers are all of the above.) She matches their energy and meets them where they are. Whether shooting in someone’s home (her favorite) or exploring outside, her goal is to keep it fun and relaxed. She wants the photos to represent a precious memory her clients had together, no phones, no distractions.  

Haverlee Photography

Behind the Camera

Behind the camera, you’ll find Haverlee Coyer, who believes it’s a gift to show people how beautiful they are through their photo sessions. She is a solo parent of three man cubs in Des Moines, ages 12, 9, and 7. While she enjoyed the newborn phase, she says the toddler and preschool years were rough for her, and she’s loving her older kiddos more than she expected.

She’s grateful to not be wiping butts, stepping on cheerios, and searching for pacifiers under couches and cribs anymore! When she’s not shooing photos for Des Moines families, she loves adventuring with her kiddos and reports they’re all happiest when spending time outdoors!

Here’s what a couple of Haverlee’s clients have to say

Haverlee Photography“Haverlee is extremely gifted behind the camera. What makes her special is her unique ability to set the tone of the day and make her subjects feel calm and comfortable. I was fully expecting our family session to be complete chaos with a 3-year-old, 1-year-old, and newborn. From the moment she walked in, Haverlee was patient and full of grace. She got right down to business and worked efficiently while exuding a calm, light, and pleasant vibe that engaged my small children and relaxed all of us. It would have been so easy for me to stress out about so many little things, but with her sweet spirit she maintained a fun and happy environment and I can’t thank her enough for this — it was exactly what I needed. She captured the best of our little family and delivered more amazing images than I could have hoped for. Haverlee is a very special person and I can’t wait to hire her again!” – Catelin S.

“Haverlee is, quite frankly, the photographer for our family. No matter the location, events of the day, or temperament of our toddler and newborn, Haverlee has always been able to capture the truest moments of our family. Her personality is laid back but she has a critical eye for details while shooting, evident in the photos lining our stairs. The patience she has with our little boy is captivating; I find myself wondering how she gets him to do the things he does. From newborn shoots to full family photos (not to mention all her other amazing work in between), I cannot recommend Haverlee enough!” – Amanda W. 

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