Family Camp 2013 at Hidden Acres


Over Memorial Day weekend, we had the pleasure of attending Family Camp at Hidden Acres in Dayton, Iowa.  I believe this is our 5th consecutive year of going!  I cannot RAVE enough about Hidden Acres!  We enjoy going for so many reasons!  So, I thought I would give you the scoop on the camp and why we love family camp!  NOTE: Hidden Acres offers a bazillion different camps, not just family camps!

Family camp gives you the opportunity to leave your usual setting and schedule and offers plenty of ways to make life-long memories!  Here is a glimpse of some of the activities that were offered!

For the adventurous….

GIANT SWING- This is their newest addition to the camp!  My family loved it!  It is a swing that holds 3 people. It uses a cable and harness system to pull you high into the air.  The bravest family member then pulls a cord and off you sail!  WAAAAHOOOO!

Zip line and Rock Wall- Put your harness on and get ready to soar through the air!  OR use all your strength to climb to the top of the rock wall and then repel down!

BLOB–  Head down to Lake Lecher to blob one another into the lake.  This activity is great for lots of fun and laughs.The blob at Lake Lecher

For the adventurous but not crazy…

Horseback riding-  Hidden Acres has the most gentle horses.  (If there were beds in the horse barn my girls would stay there the whole time.)  Enjoy lead me rides or trail rides with your family!

Rope swing–  Grab onto the rope swing and away you go…SPLASH…right into Lake Lecher!

Water Slide- This isn’t your ordinary water slide…this slide ends with a splash in the Lake.

Activities everyone can enjoy…

Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddle boats, Indoor Pool, Fishing, Hiking, Family Bake offs, Contests, various tournaments, a talent show, crafts, chapel, Camp fires, S’mores and SO MUCH MORE!

Hidden Acres also always does an EXCELLENT job with the food.  Our favorite meal is brunch.  Be sure to come with a hardy appetite!

We are always impressed with the accommodations too!  We have stayed in the Welcome Center, the Lodge and the Inn!  Everything is always clean and cozy.  The great thing about Hidden Acres is you can choose your level of comfort.  Whether you want to tent camp or stay in the Inn, there is something for everybody!

I can’t say enough how much our family enjoys spending time there and I’m sure you and yours would too!   Take a weekend and dedicate it to making lasting memories with your family!  I promise you won’t regret it!

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