My Dry January



The last two years my husband and I have participated in Dry January. After a year of week-night glasses of wine, we needed a reset and are going for year three. 

Why Dry January?

In the past, it has been a great way to help us focus on healthier habits, remind us that a glass of wine or beer doesn’t need to be a nightly occurrence, and tends to redirect us to healthier activities during the evening. 

When we have a drink at night we notice we take a seat on the couch and don’t get up. We may watch a movie and have a snack with and that’s the end of our evening. Without drinking, we stay motivated longer in the evening to get things done and stay away from snacking later at night. 

During a non-COVID year, we come off a holiday season of parties, social gatherings, and many occasions we say YES. This gives an excuse to say “no”, take a break from the chaos, and take that breath we didn’t give ourselves time for the previous month. 

I have felt that COVID has let us slump into some bad habits. As the year came to a close my husband and I were able to reflect on this and what we wanted to change going forward.  

Health Benefits

If you are looking for reasons why you should try a dry January, think about these benefits:

You will sleep better

Have more energy

Save money

You tend to drink more water

May lose weight in the process and your health will benefit 

It’s a simple thing to change, and a way to start off our year with a blank slate. I always feel great going into February, and this year I hope to keep that momentum going and make the healthy habits we gain during this month an ongoing lifestyle.

Dry January doesn’t just have to be about not drinking. It can be making a small change that helps alter your perspective on good choices for your body and health. 

Have you tried a dry January? 

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