The Best Donuts in Des Moines


donuts in Des Moines

I love donuts. And the selection of donuts in Des Moines does not disappoint.

Growing up, I seldom had the opportunity to engulf myself in the gooey fried greatness of a nice fresh donut. Due to that fact, when I ate a donut, ANY donut, it always tasted absolutely delicious. All it took to make me happy was some glaze or pink frosting and a few sprinkles.

However, now that I am far older and wiser, I have gained a more educated pallet. One might even call me a donut aficionado. In an effort to save the world the anguish of eating a boring grocery store donut, I have compiled a list of donut shops around the metro area.

We always strive to be just a bit more wise, a bit more understanding and a bit more educated than our parents were when they raised us. Our poor parents didn’t have blogs or social media to stay up to date on important changes like new restaurants and donut shops. And because of that we, their children, suffered with hum-drum fried foods. Let us strive to not follow down this same path with our own children. An educated child can change the world. Why not start that education with the proper donut?

The best donuts in Des Moines area:

#5 Dunkin’ Donuts– There is absolutely nothing fancy about Dunkin’. They are very timid about frosting usage and tend to run out of the popular flavors early. However, they have a drive-thru so they made it on the list for the simple ease of needing something fast when you have a van full of kids!

#4 Krispy Kreme– There aren’t too many things in life better than a warm, fresh glazed donut and Krispy Kreme definitely gets that right! However, once the treat has cooled, it really tastes no different than your average gas station or grocery store confection. And Krispy Kreme donuts are SWEET. Sometimes the glaze and frosting together can just be too much for educated taste buds to handle.

#3 Daylight Dounts– Daylight is doing it old school. Their glazed donuts have a sweet almond taste that melts in your mouth much like homemade donuts grandma used to make. Find Daylight donuts in Ankeny and a little kiosk at Villagio’s Restaurant in Norwalk.

#2 Mahalo Mini Donuts– Why would I want a tiny little donut if I could have a regular sized one? Because they are delicious! Orders are made fresh right in front of you. There are multiple toppings to choose from and you can eat as many as you want! (Because tiny donuts have fewer calories, right?) The cinnamon lava minis will have you craving “just one more” over and over again.

#1 CHU CHU DONUTS– All donuts are made fresh every day and are 100% peanut free! Their new location is just south of downtown Des Moines. They have an amazing cronut (croissant donut), the fluffiest fried donuts you’ll ever taste, soft airy cake donuts, and even long johns! For the true connoisseur, request a custom long john filled on the spot with a variety of puddings, jellies, and cremes. And at $0.99 for a round donut, the price can’t be beat!

chu chu donuts

National Donut Day is June 7, 2019. Where will YOU celebrate?

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