A Mother’s Day Interview


Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there reading this post today! My gift to you all  is some wisdom from my own Mother.This women is my hero in so many ways. She is the most self-less person I have ever met. She is kind, fun loving, hilarious and just an amazing women. It wouldn’t be right to keep all the wisdom to myself so I am sharing some of it with you today.

1. Who is your favorite Child? Me? ok great, let’s keep going.

me and mom2

2. Looking back what is one thing you would have changed about how you raised us?

One thing I would change.  Wow.  There are many.  Since I didn’t have an example, I wish I had gone to older women for advice, support and encouragement. God gave us Titus 2:3-5 to help us love our husbands and children.  I think that would have helped me be a better mother in many ways. Maybe someone would have helped me be more organized,which would have helped me be in better control of the home, chores, kids’ activities, etc.

girls with mom3. Any advice for us young moms?

Advice?  Cleaning is overrated.  Have fun with your kids.  Make sure your relationship with your husband is priority number one.  There will come a day when just the two of you are sitting at the dinner table (NO, not TV trays)and you look at each other’s wrinkles, grey hair,once cute, but now large freckles (some people call them age spots) and you say,where did the years go!  This day will come.  But you don’t want to be strangers.  Do not, I repeat, do not neglect this relationship because you are too busy and consumed with your children.

4. What do you think you did well?

What did I do well? Well, I am pretty light hearted and I think we had a lot of fun.  It takes a lot to get me upset, so hopefully that created a calm home. Oh, and I cooked and baked because it’s healthier (well, not everything I baked) and cheaper.  And it’s good therapy.



5. What was the toughest stage?

The hardest stage for me was birth, nursing, sleep deprivation, birth, nursing, sleep deprivation, birth…..you get the picture. In just a few short years, (okay, college) you will sleep all night, talk in complete sentences, and can go to the bathroom without someone knocking on the door.  Really.

6.  What were some ways you found balance?

Ways I found balance?  On my bike.  I probably never really did.  It takes planning, organization and hard work to achieve balance.  Not my deal. Sorry, find another older woman to help you with this.

7. What was some ways you found community while raising us?

Community?  Probably should have had more of that too.  I did start a Bible Study and still have lifelong friends from that. That’s important.  Go through life together with friends.  Keep the old ones.  Make new ones.  It seems we weren’t as “on the go” as moms today.  We seemed to hang around the house more.  Boring! Get out, have fun.  It’s good for you and your children.

Thanks Mom for being amazing and for doing this interview!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our amazing readers!! What’s one thing you learned from your mom that you want to share?

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  1. So FUN!! I think we all need to interview our loved ones more often… My mom taught me a great work ethic! Thanks for sharing ladies, I LOVED the part about building the relationship with my husband!!!

  2. As a person who knows your mom personally, I have to say that your mom is an extraordinary example of a great parent. You are blessed to have her as a mom!!!


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