13 Family TV Shows to Enjoy Together


family tv showsOur year at home during this pandemic has forced us all to be creative in our family activities. Like many of you, we have explored crafts, board games, and maybe even a Fancy Friday.

After a long day of zoom meetings, at-home school, re-heating your coffee, and walk breaks our family wants to unwind in front of the TV. During this past year, we revisited some golden oldies and fell in love with new shows.

I surveyed some of our writers for their lists of go-to shows, and we found out we’re all watching the same classics!

Game shows

Game shows are a major hit for our kids, and it’s something the whole family can get into. My daughter desperately wants me to apply to be on Netflix’s Nailed It. We surprised ourselves when we dived into the world of Survivor. That adventure even bled into our home life – we bought flint and learned how to make a fire with it!

More game shows:
Masked Singer
LEGO Masters
American Ninja Warrior
The Great British Baking Show
Wheel of Fortune
The Price Is Right

Revisit the classics

My husband and I often talk in movie quotes, and always have to explain “That’s from ___” to people, including our kids. Animaniacs recently launched a reboot on Hulu, so that led me to revisit classic episodes with my kids and it was a hit for everyone! Fuller House is another reboot that can give you a reason to dive into old episodes of classic TV shows.

Full House (and Fuller House)
Boy Meets World
America’s Funniest Home Videos
Mighty Ducks Game Changers

Planning a movie night? Check out 30 PG Family Movies.

What family-friendly TV shows are missing from our list?

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