Why I Love This Age: 15 Weeks


My baby turned 15 weeks old in February. I am savoring every single moment with this sweet little girl. She is our fourth. Potentially the last…. So, I am soaking up every snuggle, every giggle, every smile, every.single.thing.

Why I Love This Age: 15 Weeks | Des Moines Moms Blog

In the mornings, she squiggles and grunts and eventually she squints her eyes open and whimpers for someone to come get her. I walk in and start talking to her. She looks from side to side trying to find where my voice is coming from. The second we lock eyes and I say “good morning,” the biggest baby grin I’ve ever seen spreads across her face. It is so big, in fact, it forces her eyes to close. And it completely makes my sleepless night worth it.

I love that she is so easy to please right now. Dry diaper, full tummy, eye contact, sleep. That is enough for her. Once in awhile she will get fussy over some gas, or if it’s been a few days since she last went #2…. But more often than not, she is the easiest, sweetest little baby.Why I Love This Age: 15 Weeks | Des Moines Moms Blog

She has figured out how to giggle. Sometimes it’s a full on belly laugh, and sometimes she makes a sweet coo noise as she smiles. It can come on suddenly if her brother gets her going, or if I make a funny face at her. I absolutely love it.

Milk comas. I love when she falls asleep nursing and milk is dripping down her cheek. She is just passed out completely. These are the best times to snuggle. Or to put her in her bed for the night.

Cooing and engaging with others is the most precious milestone. It validates all that time spent nursing and rocking and bonding when the only affirmation we received was a gas-smile or some snuggles. She is really starting to find her voice. Sometimes, she surprises even herself with a loud shriek!

I have discovered the beauty of babywearing with Miss Bliss. (More on this decision later…) She loves being close to me, and I love being productive and knowing she is safe and secure on my chest while I do it! With a busy little guy who doesn’t always pay attention to his sister’s location, it was necessary to find a way to keep her close to me.

What are you loving about your kids’ ages right now?


  1. We love babywearing too! I want a little squish just so I can babywear again! My squirmy toddler is not having being “uppy” anymore! 🙂


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