Why I Love This Age: 12 Months

Drake standing and playing with Sissy's water bottle
Drake standing and playing with Sissy’s water bottle

My baby boy just turned 1 year old on May 23rd. (Waaaaaa!!!) I cannot believe how quickly 365 days can go by. While I do miss the tiny snuggles, squeaks and squirms, I absolutely love each and every age. It seems that when Drake decides to conquer the next milestone, he owns it and the next two things. When he had cereal for the first time, he decided to get up on his knees and try sitting on his own that same night. When he started crawling, he also pulled himself up on things and started cruising around walls and furniture within 24 hours. He’s an overachiever. Being a mother is so bittersweet. We beam with pride when they start something new, and then at night while they are sleeping, we break down over how they are an entire day older now. I am choosing to live more in the moment and appreciate all that my one year old is currently doing.

Why I Love This Age!

Drakey doesn’t get bored with things.

He could sit and do the same puzzle with me all day. He pulls the same piece out, puts it back in, and giggles as mommy says “Yaaayy! You did it!”
He could kick the same ball around the yard for an hour if you let him.
In his opinion, his baths are always too short. He loves to sit, splash and squeal with delight!

He still wants me.

He still prefers Mama over almost anyone. I say “almost” because if Daddy is in the room, he definitely takes the cake. He also still nurses, so that helps my reputation a little! It’s nice to be wanted.

He is content, as long as someone is by his side.

Playing with his Little People farm
Playing with his Little People farm

Whether he is playing Little People, looking out the window or enjoying a snack, he loves to be surrounded by people. Especially people that “ooo!” and “ahhh!” over his blonde hair and blue eyes. He still has his bubble, and his sisters get hit in the face when they get to close, but he loves to be around people.

Drake is ridiculously curious.

I cannot tell you how many pictures I have sent to his dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents of Mr. Drake emptying a drawer or cabinet and climbing in, just checking it out. I think it is hilarious! He loves to try anything he sees his sisters do. I can almost hear him thinking, “Now, how did they do that? I need to try that.”

Walking is his new favorite thing to do.

Drake loves walking while holding something, usually a cup he has gotten out of the cabinet himself.
Drake loves walking while holding something, usually a cup he has gotten out of the cabinet himself.

The squeals and giggles as he waddles and toddles around the house makes my day. This new found independence keeps him occupied for hours on end. I sometimes miss the days when he was immobile, however, I love that he can come find me if he needs me. Just like everything else, when Little Man learned to walk, he learned to drink from a straw (not just any straw, a Camelbak) and go from a sit, to a squat, to a stand within a day of walking on his own.

He sleeps through the night!

HALLELUJAH!   I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE this! We are all better off now that we are getting uninterrupted sleep (for the most part). I miss the midnight cuddles, but we do our fair share of well-rested cuddling in the mornings and evenings…and really all day long.

He is (almost) always smiling.photo (7)

He has 5 teeth now and his little grin cannot possibly get any cuter. I love that his sisters do anything to make him smile, and he makes them work for it sometimes. I love that he smiles when you smile. And, my absolute favorite, is when someone talks to him while I’m holding him and he gets all shy and silly. He smiles that big toothy grin and cuddles into me so tight. Love it.

We are starting to communicate!

He still grunts and whines and whimpers. But he can also sign “more” and understands when he is told “no”. (At least, I think he understands, due to the crocodile tears and pouty lip that breaks out whenever this word is firmly used.) While I miss baby-days, I remember being extremely happy when each child started to USE THEIR WORDS! It makes life much easier!

 How old are your children and what are some ways that you are loving their age?


  1. I love this. I have to say I love the 2’s call me crazy. They learn so much and how they start talking in toddler talk. And plan on his curiosity only getting stronger. It’s a boy thing!

  2. My daughter just turned 16 months yesterday and is starting to throw fits and I can tell it will be a challenging time for us. I absolutely loved 12-15 months. I think that is my parenting sweet spot 🙂

  3. I always thought that parenting wouldn’t be as fun or rewarding as my kids got older, but I was wrong! Our oldest is ten and our youngest is four, and I am really enjoying this stage of motherhood! The kids are all potty trained, our schedule isn’t dictated by kids’ naptimes, and I can leave my sewing scissors out without worrying about someone poking an eye out! I also enjoy going out to eat without worrying about sippy cups, bibs, booster seats, and wet wipes. Don’t get me wrong–the baby stage is wonderful and precious and exciting. But it’s exhausting too! I love seeing my kids gain independence, and I burst with pride when I watch my boys play little league or my daughter perform in a ballet. For me, motherhood has gotten even better with age 🙂


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