Why I Love Being an Aunt!


girl in birthday hat with birthday cake and candles with woman. Being an Aunt Des Moines Mom

I remember finding out my sister-in-law was pregnant with my first nephew. I was so excited for her–and me! Having had some amazing aunts growing up, I was ready to take on this new role. That was 18 years ago, and the love keeps growing! The score is currently tied at six nieces and six nephews. Each one is so unique with their own personalities and interests. That’s what makes being their aunt so much fun! 

(PS–I’m an “AWnt” for some and an “ANT” for others!) 

girl wearing apron baking in kitchen. Being an Aunt Des Moines Mom


I love all of the holidays and look forward to seeing the crew any chance I get. Christmas, Easter, and 4th of July are extra special when there are little kids around! Listening to all of the cousins having fun together also really makes my soul so happy. I didn’t grow up with many cousins and I love the camaraderie they all have now. 


I love shopping for Christmas and birthday gifts. I try to find those gifts that I’d never get my kids (i.e. Floof, drums, window paint, etc). I love watching them open those gifts and take delight in seeing the expressions on their parents’ faces. (Before you think I’m an awful person, please know that my kids are older and I believe this falls under the category of “paybacks”. Also, I don’t give anything dangerous or potentially damaging to kids/homes.) 

Attending Sports and Performances

Being an Aunt Des Moines MomThis past year, I’ve been to softball games, School of Rock concerts, fairs, school music concerts, and more for my nieces and nephews. I love these types of events and I wouldn’t have any reason to attend without my youngest family members being involved. 

Their Parents

I am truly blessed to have the best sisters and brothers-in-law anyone could have (plus my own brother). Hanging out with the nieces and nephews means there’s a good chance I get to see their parents too. It’s so valuable for me to share parenting wins/struggles with my siblings. Bonus: when the kids get a bit tired or mischievous, they go back to their parents and I’m not responsible for them anymore! 


Love is a two-way street and I cherish the time I get to spend with the youngest family members. I love the hugs I get from a certain nephew when I walk into a room or laughing with a niece as we try to figure out how to braid hair together! 

I know not everyone is as lucky as I am in the aunt department, but I hope there are some youngsters in your lives who bring you as much joy as my family brings me!


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