What to Watch on Netflix Right Now


best of netflixFinding a good series to get into is sometimes a good escape. Especially in 2020- right?! My husband and I don’t mind spending a few hours each week finding something new to watch after our kiddos are in bed. We only have streaming services and honestly have enjoyed the extra money in our pocket by not having “cable.”

Here are a few of our favorites on Netflix. We watch a wide variety of series, documentaries, and movies and like to expand our tastes. Here are some of our favorites in no specific order.

What to Watch on Netflix

  • Lenox Hill – a gripping documentary of doctors in NYC leading up to COVID-19
  • Chefs Table – walking through the art of a few chefs and their unique spin on their expertise
  • Social Dilemma – a great documentary on social platforms, how they work, and their addicting nature.
  • Cheer – had no idea how intense the cheerleading sport is and was glued to the screen for this one.
  • Away – a great Sci-fi drama and super uplifting to women in leadership.
  • Never Have I Ever – a teenage rom-com series that was completely lighthearted and hilarious.
  • Schitt’s Creek – you guys! I wasn’t a fan in the first couple of episodes but now I am hooked.
  • Virgin River – loved this sweet romantic series and cannot wait for the second
  • Get Organized with the Home Edit – if you love organization and function this show is for you. I went and bought storage bins and Rubbermaid 3- tier carts after I watched this – be warned.
  • American Murder Next Door – a raw look at domestic abuse
  • Sweet Magnolias – a southern drama series filled with lots of humor and romance.
  • Always Be My Maybe – a rom-com that is completely hilarious and unexpected 
  • To All the Boys I Loved before and  -a light-hearted teen flick but worth the time and the sequel is just as good!
  • FYRE – a crazy look at the music festivals unraveling 
  • Marriage Story – a powerful observation of divorce
  • Bloodline – a dramatic family series that will get you totally bought in from the first episode 

Season 4 of The Crown comes out November 15 and plenty of Christmas shows will be dropping too! 

What are your favorite shows on Netflix?



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