What to Do When you Binge

binge eatingBinge eating: Whether it’s on cookies, pizza, or ice cream…
…you know the feeling after you’ve eaten too much.
You’re bloated, frustrated, disappointed in yourself because, ugh, you told yourself you wouldn’t do this again…
And then the guilt sets in.
Most women just give up at this point and throw in the towel when they’ve “ruined” their day. They think all is lost and why does it even matter so they just continue eating unhealthy foods.
Maybe this thinking lasts for a few hours, but oftentimes it lasts for days or weeks.
So you tell yourself you’ll just start up again on Monday or next month…or…
But this way of thinking only keeps you stuck.
And you’ll never reach your goals if you are constantly starting and stopping.

How to Overcome Binge Eating

Here’s a really simple strategy I teach my clients so they don’t quit and throw the whole day away just because of a slip-up…
Here’s what to do so you don’t keep sabotaging your goals:
Think of your day in 4 quarters: morning, midday, afternoon, and evening.
When you break it up, it allows you to fail small not big. And it keeps you from throwing the whole day away if you have two donuts midday because you still have two more quarters to eat healthy and do something for your health.
Looking at your day in four quarters allows you to continue inching toward your goals so you aren’t constantly starting and stopping and making no real progress because you are in a vicious cycle.
So next time you binge, slip up, or don’t eat as healthy as you want…don’t throw the whole day away. 
Instead of doing more damage, this will allow you to make progress and reach your goals!


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