What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day


mom and son smiling. mothers day. Des Moines MomWhen I think about what I really want for Mother’s Day my mind goes a million places. It ranges from taking a tropical vacation to being able to take an uninterrupted nap, the kind where you wake up and think it’s the next day and you’re late for work. 

What I Really Want

While all of these things sound amazing, if I could plan my perfect Mother’s Day here’s what it would look like.

I wake up around 8 in the morning and sit down in my chair and enjoy my coffee and breakfast without having to watch cartoons or having someone sitting on my lap.

Next, I make a Target run and don’t feel rushed. I take my time walking up and down every aisle, with my Starbucks in hand, knowing I’m probably not going to buy anything. Would that stop me from smelling every candle? Or looking at all the new kitchen appliances? Nope. 

Then, I come home and make lunch for my husband and boys. My boys eat all of their food and don’t complain or make a huge mess. And if I’m being completely honest, my husband doesn’t complain about the food either. 

We clean up and head outside. My husband starts working on or fixing something in the garage. The boys play nicely together, making sure to share whatever it is they’re playing with, even though we have 2 of almost everything. No shoving or meltdowns happen.  Where am I? Sitting in my lawn chair with a cold drink in my hand, enjoying the sun and cute views.  

After about 2-3 hours we all come in and the boys lay down for a rest and I fold a couple of loads of laundry folded and maybe even get my grocery list done in one sitting. The boys wake up happy and rested, if they even nap at all, and we head right back outside.

As the night winds down, we have a relaxing dinner. The boys take a bath and go down without both of them needing mom at the same time.

That would be my perfect day. Will it happen? No. Will parts of it happen? Possibly. And I’m okay with that. 

I have only been a mother for about 4 years but it’s the most rewarding yet exhausting job on the planet. Knowing there are two little boys who rely on me for literally everything is something I don’t take for granted. So whether or not I get to do my Target run in peace or possibly hear “Yuck! I don’t like that Mom” at dinner I will be happy knowing my day was spent with the ones I love most.


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