Verti-GO: The Area’s Top Youth Performance Program


This post is Sponsored by Verti-Go in Windsor Heights –  The area’s top youth performance program

Where can I send my child to get a workout? To work on sport specific skills? To gain speed and strength? To develop a love for being active?

Those are questions my husband and I have been asked a lot, both having been former college athletes. Now, we have an answer to those questions, Come to Verti-GO!

PROMO-photosWhat is Verti-GO?

There are two parts to Verti-GO; Verti-GO and Verti-GO KIDS.


Verti-GO is a youth athletic performance program using formulated workouts and top of the line equipment to build an athlete’s overall agility, coordination, and strength. A major emphasis of the programing is on injury prevention by focusing on proper form and technique. Verti-GO is perfect for experienced and developing athletes wanting to get stronger, faster, and more confident.



Verti-GO KIDS is for ages 8-13 with focus on fitness and fun. We believe enjoying physical activity from a young age leads to a healthier lifestyle. Verti-GO KIDS develops correct form, posture and technique with the aim of building a good foundation and body awareness.

IMG_3128*During the weekday, we have opportunity to work with homeschool families and school age children. Please contact us to learn more.

Why Verti-GO?

Verti-GO is committed to the whole athlete. We care about performance, aspirations and overall health and wellness. Our motto is Go Faster. Go Forward. Go Further. We will work with your kids to gain speed, strength and stamina, but will also guide them in goal setting and personal reflection. We offer quarterly forums on a variety of issues like nutrition, college athletics preparation, and leadership. To see more about what we value please read our Mission Statement.

Current Schedule:

Verti-GO: (60 minute class)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 3:30 and 4:30 pm

Verti-GO Kids: (45 minute class)

Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30 and 4:30 pm

Weekdays at 1:30 pm

*as demand grows, so will class schedule.

*Other time slots currently available. View complete schedule here.

Connect with Verti-GO:

With monthly contracts, punch cards, team and individual rates, Verti-GO is convenient for anyone. Get started on our Verti-GO Website, or Contact Us via email or phone.

Accessible from all areas of the metro, our facility is located at 801 73rd St. Suite G. Windsor Heights, IA 50324.

Connect with Owner Tony Douglas at 515-451-4169 or [email protected]

Learn more via the Verti-GO Website

Connect with us and see our videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Hear what one local mom thinks about Verti-GO:

I like Verti-GO for my children because it incorporates whole body fitness.   They have an opportunity to work on speed, agility, strength and conditioning, and they are learning the proper form of doing various exercises at a young age.  They enjoy what they do and I believe we are instilling the importance of fitness and good health in our family. -Diane Faris.




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